Adnan Syed was Innocent

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Researchers found that 149 people were cleared in 2015 for crimes they didn’t commit; do you think that Adnan could have been one of those people back then? I think so.  Adnan Syed was charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae, back in 1999. I genuinely don’t think it was a fair trial because it seemed like they just wanted to charge someone and not actually find the person responsible for it. Personally, I think Adnan was not guilty of the murder due to DNA on a bottle not tested that was near Hae’s body, lack of evidence, not enough witnesses to testify against him. Indeed, he had the most evidence against him in the trial, but many other critical factors were left out as well that could have identified him as not guilty.

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“Adnan Syed was Innocent”

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Lack of DNA test and other Non-Circumstantial Evidence can serve to justify that Adnan was innocent. As Chaudry tells us, police collected swabs from Lee’s body in addition to vaginal swabs – but they neglected DNA test on them despite the fact that Lee was found with her long black skirt gathered above her waist. Based on Wilds testimony, after they buried Lee, Syed drove her car from the park to a nearby street where he dumped it yet from the report of the test carried out by Baltimore Police crime lab there was no soil in both Leakin park and in Lee’s car as clarified by Chaudry. As it unfolds, it is clear that the results from the rape kit were never tested in addition to the liquor bottle and the rope found at the scene. DNA tests were never carried out on the two unidentified hairs found with the body of Hae Min Lee, and the crime lab did not check her fingernail clippings. ‘Nobody realized that there was this evidence that could have been tested and was never tested. I think the prosecution may have feared DNA testing because it would discredit their case, and the outcome of the test would show that Syed had no involvement with Lee’s murder. “They didn’t test it, and Gutierrez didn’t hammer them for not testing it; so that’s what makes me think she missed it.’ ‘She was strangled, so what was under her fingernails would matter,’ says Enright. . I think this could have been Don’s bloody flesh stuck on her fingernails or one of the ‘serial killers’. But not only they never called AM, they also neglected the test of DNA Privileged confession which according to me justifies Adnan supposedly was innocent and did not deserve imprisonment for 16 years.

Contrary, Adnan may have been associated with the homicide however he might not have choked her himself. You can get into the points of interest of how throughout the day, however something occurred among Jay and Adnan that prompted her passing. I think Jay most likely murdered her with his hands, got terrified after he did it, and stuck everything on Adnan. I don’t know whether Adnan was there, yet there’s simply no chance he isn’t included. Overlooking where you were the evening a cop calls you revealing to you your girlfriend is absent? By what method would that be able to occur? When you take a gander at the actualities of this case and remove the majority of the feeling, the turn Sarah puts on the story, you are left with the way that Adnan was a part of her demise. Regardless of whether he essentially arranged it or murdered her with his very own hands, he was included. Adnan appears to be a pleasant person, and it’s hard when tuning in to him to trust that he could do it. I wish I could trust he was blameless, however I can’t.

There was no physical proof connecting Syed to Lee’s homicide, and there are no observers who saw them together around the season of Lee’s vanishing or the supposed time of the homicide. Everything else the arraignment exhibited at preliminary – the words ‘I need to execute’ composed on the back of a bit of paper in Syed’s note pad; conflicting cases that Syed approached Lee for a ride after school; the ‘Nisha’ call – was conditional. Except if the state can make sense of how to fix the issues with their star observer’s conflicting proclamations, set up solid substantiation for their timetable and effectively impugn the guard’s justification witness, they will have an exceptionally troublesome time persuading a jury of Syed’s blame. For the time being, Adnan Syed remains an innocent man.

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