Jacksonian Democracy

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Democracy in many eras is defined when someone is running for office and naturally against other political candidates. The citizens (usually wealthy men) have the decision to vote, for that specific candidate is put in position to make decision for the people in that society, whoever has the majority vote wins. Yes, I agree with the Jacksonian’s view of democracy to extent to that they themselves stand for individual liberty, and economic opportunity and the constitution. During the 1800’s democracy was ambiguously defined because of people’s different definitions; the founding’s of the America political system was defined by these ideologies and beliefs it had set the course for the legalities and administrations for different political parties. The Jacksonian had an interesting definition of democracy, Jacksonian democracy is a 19th-century political philosophy originating with the seventh President Andrew Jackson and his supporters, and it was one of America’s dominant political worldview of democracy.

Andrew Jackson and his follower’s political ideology of what he considered democracy was constitutional, George Henry Evans, “The working Men’s Declaration of Independence” (December 1829). Showed that the Jacksonian’s views of constitution were aligned, and they had shared the ideologies of “…that all men are created equal; that they endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” the Jacksonian’s point of view is constitutional and to this idea was correct. Jackson received most of his support from the common man, who saw their independence as the most important necessity to preserve.

Andrew Jackson had believed that economic opportunity was important to have individual liberty, Jackson’ veto message, July 10, 1832) had believed that if we have a national bank it not work in our best favor, but “… the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of govt. to in (Andrew their selfish purposes” the Jacksonian ideas were honest despite the criticism that they were only for white men, they truly show that his ideas for democracy were transcending and honest. Their perspective is like of the anti-federalist, because they were pro-constitution and not very keen on having a big government and somewhat believes in the idea of “God helps, to those who help themselves”.

The disagreement in ideologies that Jacksonian and the people who view them is put in question on the topic of slavery, (in document F) Acts and Resolutions of South Carolina (1835) “… earnestly requests that the govts of these states will promptly and effectually suppress all those associations within their respective limits purporting to be abolition societies” this was the disagreement that a lot of the Jacksonian had disagreed o among themselves even Jackson had his fair share of the controversy because of this the pro-slavery bias was the darker side to Jacksonian Democracy

The Jackson were open to slavery it he believed that should be treated human dignity ," he showed no action to abolish or remove the legalization of the arranged slave system. But the whole topic is complicated, so we be understanding to the extent of contextualizing and seeing for how it was, no bias.

Yes, I agree with them but to an extent that our commonalities are dominated than our differences in ideologies and philosophy. Andrew Jackson and Jackson's followers who created the party were also "for the people." Such ideals were shown throughout various times within the period. The democrats were essentially guardians of the United States Constitution and, similarly, were protectors of individual liberties. And equality of opportunity. Through the early 1800’s the Jacksonian’s themselves have created an era where we can have a moment to question what is democracy and what extent do have to give up having political ideology and how much do we kowtow to extreme side of it, for a better democracy, society? But also, they have shown that in moment where the majority usually rules, the difference in ideas out spoke and transcended.

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