Political Parties and Interest Group

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The political parties were developed under the draft out of constitution in United States. These parties later played the major role in enhancing the people's rights and freedom. They would enhance the development of united states with majority of votes which played major role in selecting an appropriate candidate for higher position like Mayor, prime minister and president.

The federal system of government simply resembles the division of national power into states. The states run the by the federal government where the rules and regulations of one state can be different from other states, although the states belong to the same country. The federal states run by their own state budget and doesn't depend upon national government. The federal government is divided into three distinct parts they are Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, and all these governing bodies have control over one another. The power of these branches is protected by us government as they can act at any condition as necessary. There are fifty federal states in the united states and all the states have their own constitution with separate laws and have their own flag to represent. For example, consumption of marijuana without a doctor's prescription is considered illegal in Texas but it is legalized in many other states like California, Colorado etc.

The governors of states are appointed by the votes of citizen of same states and it has nothing to deal with us government. In the Formation of state government, the role of public opinion is highly preeminence. The interest of people determines the power of political parties and the governing bodies. A political party will collapse if it does not become able to gain public interest and support. The more a party gets public support, the more the party gains power in the government and ultimately becomes a governing body.

The citizens of America have many rights and side by side they have some duties which needs to be done as being part of the state. The citizens must obey the federal rules as made by the state government; each citizen should pay the taxes on time and maintain a cleanliness environment and present themselves in font of judge if they are witness of an incident. There are many rules as the citizens must follow, the rules while driving on the road, the rules of carrying weapons as for their own self-defense, the rules of respecting other religion. And side by side the us citizens are allowed with many rights like rights to freedom of religion, speech. Right to remain silent if caught up in any incident, right to appeal in higher court to prove their innocent, and right to avoid any unnecessary searches without a proper search warrant.

The government of US has many laws and that does not tolerate any one from the state or nation if they break the law. On the other hand, the citizens of US have many rights as allowed by the government. The government does not discriminate any person by their power, position, religion. Any native or immigrant have equal rights while living in the US. Besides one should be born in US to fight in presidential election.

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