What’s America Without Poverty?

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Time loves struggle, have you ever noticed how slow time goes when you're not doing good or at a struggling state. Then, time loves to go fast when you're on vacation or at a great time in life. Think about how a poor person may feel how slow time is going for them and how miserable they are, and time is just letting them feel every moment of it. At the end of the day it all comes down to mindset, do you think the cup is half full or halfway gone? Sow stated that trying to keep a positive attitude towards things even through the struggle will keep your spirits up. Gans argues on the positive functions of poverty and sow argues just the effects of poverty. They both may have great points, but poverty is something traumatizing and can change the way one looks at life. Yes, you can get some positive things out of poverty, but overall poverty is not a way of life people think to live.

One effect of poverty is a loved one passing away and now you have debt that passes down, is this fair? The passing of a loved one should not be more stressful than it is already but the result of being in debt and not wanting to be poor is doing dirty work as they call it. Dirty work can be being paid under the table or it could be as bad as prostitution, but desperate needs call for desperate measures and people just need fast money. In the article called The Positive Functions of Poverty Gans explained that poor people are willing to get the dirty work done so others won't have to do it (281). Meaning if the upper and middle class aren't willing to do it, they know they can find people from the lower class that will with no doubt. It seems like united states relies on lower class just for that reason. Education is a big reason you see people not doing so well, the United States overall does not take education as a privilege.

In the world today, people think that just getting by is going to be enough! Jobs are looking for high school diplomas and college education so really if you think about its education is really the only way to success. Yes, there are people who has made it with little education but at the end of the day people want to see prove that you know how to do what you say you can. Agreeing to Sows article called The Effects of Poverty the poor struggle in school because that's really the only place they can eat lunch, and drink clean water, so it is hard to sit in school and concentrate on getting good grades when you know you have nothing to go to after school. Gans argues that the poor are denied jobs because they are stupid or unteachable which makes others want to obtain better jobs. While this may be true, we cannot judge people of what they are going through America is quick to judge and slow to help. As humans, we know that it is difficult to keep a positive attitude even when things are not going your way. In an article called Effects of poverty on an individual Sow says having positive behavior can be better and can have more hope for the future like everything going to be all right. which means that there will be a lot of others judging which makes confidence levels go down. Some people take judgement as motivation, but most people take judgement as discouragement. Changing your mindset can make a huge difference in the way your life goes you just have to believe that you can achieve. Being poor is something no one should have to go through, and it sucks that people must. There are many effects of poverty and it can happen to anybody, no one is more special than another at the end of the day without money we are all equal. Don't be so fast to judge another or be so quick to give up because if you believe it you can achieve it!

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