Effects of Poverty on Education in America

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The study is important as it highlights the need for education as a tool for fighting poverty. The research would also be necessary for helping the stakeholders adjust the level and type of knowledge that would be used as a tool for poverty eradication.

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“Effects of Poverty on Education in America”

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The theory seeks to explain that poverty is a condition which is induced by many factors. According to social theory, it is imperative that the mind of persons, their way of living and zeal for success always influences their financial well-being (O’Connor & Fernandez, 2016). The measure for success is determined by many things within a person’s life. One of the main focus of the theory is that poverty may be acquired, but the situation can be changed with a person’s commitment and need for success (Davis-Kean, 2015). The theory also suggests that one of the most significant tools for fighting poverty is education. Learning creates awareness and knowledge (Davis-Kean, 2015). Also, the acquiring of skills is essential for the development of wealth creation.

Many past studies have linked poverty to a lack of education. It is a fact that most of the children, especially from poor backgrounds are always exposed to ineffective and low standards of learning (O’Connor & Fernandez, 2016). Ironically, the same students still face challenges later into their lives that have a significant influence on their financial abilities and attainment. For families that have financial capabilities, their children are always exposed to more define learning environment (Davis-Kean, 2015). Education has ever been used as a tool for creating investments awareness, business opportunities and buildup of networks necessary for economic success.

Despite having attended schools, the children from poor backgrounds are always never given the best form of education. In the third world country, for example, most of the public institutions which are affordable have poorly designed programs and curriculum that do not promote the psychological and mental development of the learner (O’Connor & Fernandez, 2016). Instead, the learning process is always characterized by the acquisition of basic literacy skills such as reading (Davis-Kean, 2015). As compared to the highly ranked and expensive institutions, the public schools also employ less trained, qualified and poorly remunerated teachers who are never motivated to provide the best services to their learners.

Poverty has been known to affect children in many ways. Some of the most common effects of poverty include a change in the physical, emotional and cognitive abilities of the children. There is a high level of stress which are directly linked to situations of poverty, especially for children who are born within low-income families (Davis-Kean, 2015). For the promotion of professionalism, the need for further education in advanced areas is usually necessary (O’Connor & Fernandez, 2016). One of the best approaches that are always by many organizations for recruiting their employees, for example, is by measuring how far they have advanced in their studies. Ironically, in most countries, higher education learning is costly (Davis-Kean, 2015). The people, from poor backgrounds, are, therefore, unable to afford such institutions, thereby subjecting them to lack of job opportunities.

The level of household stress has also been highly linked to the poor background. Issues such as domestic violence may hurt the psychological stability of a learner (Davis-Kean, 2015). Also, poverty itself may expose a child to become vulnerable as they are unbaled to meet their basic needs (O’Connor & Fernandez, 2016). Social ills such as sex trade which is synonymous with children from poor backgrounds mostly affect the growth and development of learners.

The research seeks to base its conclusions on the influence of education on poverty. One of the likely results of the study will provide much proof to the much-held belief that school has the most significant impact on poverty. Another anticipated finding is that the level and extent of acquired education will be directly related to the size of eradication of debt that a person will attain. Lastly, the research will seek to confirm the much-held belief that the level of education in poor neighborhoods largely vary in their educational approach as compared to the schools within the affluent areas.

The results of the study will provide many opportunities for the need for further research in the area. Part of the planned research will need to focus on the need to improve the current education setting, especially within the schools that are considered affordable for all the students. The study results will be used in providing critical data and information on the effects of a lack of education on the economic development of a country. The researcher will focus on the issues of social development, equal education and opportunity as the tools for educational success.

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O’Connor, C., & Fernandez, S. D. (2016). Race, class, and disproportionality: Reevaluating the relationship between poverty and special education placement. Educational Researcher, 35(6), 6-11.  

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