Whats in your Water?

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After pulling data from the National Drinking Water database my findings are based off the location of Glen Burnie, Annapolis, MD and the water supplier being broad neck who currently severed 249,600 people and the test data was recorded from: 2004-2007.From my area there were few contaminants that are listed that exceeded health or legal guidelines and one that did not contaminate. I chose to give a detailed description of the following containments: Combined Radium (-226 & -228) and Chloroform. Radium is a harmfulcomponenttypically found around uranium deposits. Radium in water may represent a peril to human wellbeing when the water is utilized for drinking or cooking. Just a little bit of ingested radium is retained from the stomach then conveyed all through the body. Consumed radium carries on also to calcium and is kept in the tissues of the body, particularly bone. Any radiation got remotely through showering, washing, or different uses is not a peril since alpha particles don't go through your skin. Presentation of abnormal amounts of radium additionally has demonstrated an expanded frequency of bone, liver and bosom growth.

Chloroform is a disinfection byproduct from the trihalomethane (THM) family, and is molded when chlorine, chloramines or other antiseptics combine with inorganic and organic matter in water. Chloroform can enter your body on the off chance that you inhale air, eat sustenance, or use water that comprises chloroform. Chloroform effortlessly finds itself in someone body via the skin. In this manner, chloroform may likewise enter your body if you clean up or bath in water comprising chloroform. Also, an individual can take in chloroform if the bath water is sufficiently warm for chloroform to vanish. A portion of the chloroform that arrives in one body escapes unaltered noticeable all around that you inhale out, while some chloroform in the body is separated into different chemicals. As per the EPA, at presentcontrolledstages in drinking water, chloroform denotes ""no known or expected risk to health.""(""Chloroform: A Profile in Risk Management | Water Quality and Health Council,"" n.d.)

In conclusion there is always going to be risk in everything that we consume and I have faith that the EPA is doing the best they can and unless something bad happinen in my area I believe that the government will do the best to keep the public informed. I also understand that ignorance of what is going on could harm ones family drastically and I will use countermeasure like better water filters and possibly heating up the water to try and kill some of the pesticides that may have made it through the filtering process. To assist not just my family maybe we can post the finding monthly in a newsletter to keep the community informed of what's going on in our community.


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