What is the Theme of “The Outsiders”?

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The story happens in Oklahoma in the 1960’s. It is around two packs or social classes named the ‘greasers’ and the ‘socs’. The greasers are the helpless ones who live on the east part of town and the socs are the rich ones living on the west part of town. The socs appreciate going toward the east side to thrash greasers. The primary person is Ponyboy Curtis, a vagrant living with his two more seasoned siblings. One evening, after a battle at home Ponyboy and his companion Johnny Cade who likewise has issues at home, flee. Rising activity of the film is the point at which the two young men go through the night at the recreation center and get in a battle with a portion of the socs. The socs needed to show the young men something new in light of the fact that previous that evening they permitted themselves to go out with two soc young ladies. One of them was Sherry Valance goes to a similar school as Ponyboy and is Bob Sheldon’s sweetheart. Johnny cuts Bob to death as he was attempting to suffocate Ponyboy in a wellspring. They flee and stow away in an old church away from town. Peak of the story is the point at which the congregation sets ablaze during a school visit and a few kids become caught inside. Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas Winston (Dally), a companion who came visit the two young men, run into the congregation to save the kids. They thus become saints with their photos spread all around the papers. Falling activity of the story includes Johnny remaining in the clinic on account of his messed up spine and serious consumes. Additionally, after adolescent preliminaries Ponyboy and Johnny are pronounced as not at real fault for the wrongdoing and Ponyboy is permitted to remain in care of his most established sibling Darry Curtis. Be that as it may, the two posses would not like to allow their contentions to rest until they battled a reasonable battle. So they orchestrated a thunder which the greasers won. In the resolution, Ponyboy and Dally go to the clinic to educate Johnny regarding the uplifting news. Obviously Johnny kicks the bucket during the visit. Bitterly and distress Dally ransacks a store and powers the police to destroy him when he won’t hand himself over. Ponyboy discovers a note that Johnny thought of him before his demise. 

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“What is the Theme of “The Outsiders”?”

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The most clear struggle in The Outsiders is the contention between the two distinctive gatherings of people, a class versus class struggle. Greasers are poor and a considerable lot of them need to exit school to help financing their families. While the socs are rich children with costly vehicles and get training without any concerns. The hole between the two classes makes the socs view at the greasers as ‘rubbish’ of the general public. The class versus class struggle brings about an actual clash between the socs and the greasers. All through the story there are actual battles between the two gatherings. Socs principally do it for no particular reason and furthermore to demonstrate to themselves that they are preferable and more grounded over the greasers. There are two different contentions in the story both in which Ponyboy is involved. Ponyboy has all the earmarks of being in struggle with himself. Toward the start of the story Ponyboy is coming back from the films. He is spotted by a gathering of socs who pursue him and beat him up. Ponyboy is very much aware of the contentions between the greasers and the socs and knows the risk of heading back home all alone, yet he actually does as such on the grounds that he attempting to acknowledge the hard daily routine he is compelled to experience. He thinks it is unjustifiable that he needs to stress over straightforward things like returning home from the film when the socs can carry on with their life the manner in which they need to with no limitations or stresses. Also, Ponyboy likes writing and nature which is odd for an ordinary greaser. He battles to uncover himself before others, since he realizes they wouldn’t get him. The other clash would be Ponyboy versus life or conditions. 

Ponyboy’s folks died in a fender bender. From that point forward he has been in guardianship of his most established sibling Darry. He generally contrasted Darry’s activities and those of his folks. He thought if his folks were alive he would be in an ideal situation with them in light of the fact that Darry was excessively severe. Ponyboy additionally deciphered Darry’s severity as disdain. He felt it was out of line for him to have a sibling who just shouts at him and guides him. He likewise felt life was unreasonable towards his other sibling Sodapop who had exited school to work at a service station to help financing their family

Ponyboy is the storyteller and the fundamental person of the story. He is a unique person and creates in various ways. Ponyboy is a greaser like his siblings and his companions, yet additionally varies from them in numerous ways. Ponyboy is fantastic and honest when contrasted with most greasers. He isn’t just about as intense and experienced as the others. In spite of the way that he is poor and the climate he lives in is very ignoble, Ponyboy is a decent understudy and furthermore intrigued by writing, nature and films. Ponyboy realizes that this isn’t typical for a greaser, so he hushes up about his musings essentially. In some cases anyway he imparts them to his sibling Sodapop in light of the fact that he doesn’t pass judgment on him and attempts to be comprehension of Ponyboy’s distinctive side. At the point when Ponyboy fled with Johnny to stow away at the congregation, he used to peruse to Johnny “Gone with the breeze”. Likewise, once while watching a dawn with Johnny, Ponyboy refered to a couple of lines from the sonnet ‘Nothing Gold can remain’ by Robert Frost. Johnny was astonished by the lines and Ponyboy discovered that Johnny had an alternate side as well. He could get writing and was energetic about the magnificence of nature as was Ponyboy. This urged him to open up and uncover himself to Johnny. 

All through the story Ponyboy turns out to be more capable, experienced and understanding. He adapts too take a gander at the full picture and not take things just according to his perspective. At the point when Dallas went to visit Ponyboy and Johnny in the congregation, his siblings send him a note revealing to him the amount they miss him and that they need him back home. It is then when Ponyboy understands that Darry’s severity emerges from adoration. He figures out how to comprehend that Darry loves him and that he fears that through any missteps or trouble making Ponyboy is may detracted from him and placed into young men home. Ponyboy adapts likewise not to be uneven and not to pass judgment on individuals by what bunch they have a place with. At the point when Ponyboy returns to town, he gets in a discussion with Randy. Randy discloses to him that he thinks his activities are bold and brave and that he wouldn’t have saved the youngsters in the copying church. Ponyboy likewise becomes more acquainted with from Randy that he laments over Bob’s demise and that he laments what occurred, and that he is burnt out on the on-going struggle among socs and greasers. For the clench hand time Ponyboy views at Randy as a typical fellow and not as a soc. Ponyboy understands that socs are not recently complex and materialistic individuals, they also have issues in their lives that appear to be practically great. At the point when Sherri affirmed in the preliminaries saying that Bob was the one searching for a battle with Ponyboy and Johnny, and chose function as a covert agent for the greasers achieving them data the soc’s arrangements for the thunder, Ponyboy comes to comprehend that not all socs are something similar, not all socs are intended for treachery. Ponyboy likewise acknowledges, with the assistance of Johnny, that he has different alternatives than the remainder of the greasers. Johnny left Ponyboy a note, wherein he advised him to “stay gold”, like in Robert Frost’s sonnet. Johnny needed Ponyboy to understand that there is something else to life besides the contention between the greasers and the socs. By advising Ponyboy to “stay gold”, Johnny needed Ponyboy to remain honest and unadulterated, and not let the issues with the socs make him extreme, forceful, and indiscreet like the vast majority of the greasers. This caused Ponyboy to acknowledge himself and the way that he is not quite the same as others.

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