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Alice Walker brings a repetitive topic in her work: the portrayal of concordance and in addition the contentions and battles inside African-American culture. "Everyday Use" centers around an experience within individuals from the rustic Johnson family. This encounter which happens when Dee and her boyfriend come back to visit Dee's mom and more youthful sister Maggieis basically an experience between two distinct translations to deal with, African American culture. Narrator utilizes portrayal and imagery to feature the contrast between these translations and at last to maintain one of them, demonstrating that culture and legacy are parts of everyday life.

Begining of the story is to a great extent engaged with describing Mrs. Johnson, Dee's mom and the story's storyteller. All the more particularly, Mrs. Johnson's dialect focuses to a specific connection amongst herself and the physical environment, she sits tight for Dee "in the yard that Maggie and I made so spotless and wavy" . The yard, indeed, is "not only a yard. It resembles a broadened family place, as well as favorite place of her life. Her portrayal of herself in like manner demonstrates a recognition and solace with her environment and with herself: she is "a vast, enormous boned lady with unpleasant, man-working hands" at the end of the day, she knows the truth of her body and acknowledges it, notwithstanding discovering solace (both physical and mental) in the way that her "fat keeps [her] sweltering in zero climate" . Mrs. Johnson is generally at home with herself; she acknowledges her identity, and consequently, Walker suggests, where she remains in connection to her way of life.

Mrs. Johnson's girl Maggie is depicted as rather ugly and unattractive: the scars she bears on her body have in like manner scarred her spirit, and, subsequently, she is resigning, even unnerved. Mrs. Johnson concedes, in a cherishing way, that "like great looks and cash, speed cruised her by" .She "lurches" as she peruses, however plainly Mrs. Johnson thinks about her as a sweet individual, a little girl with whom she can sing melodies at chapel. In particular, in any case, Maggie is, similar to her mom, at home in her conventions, and she respects the memory of her progenitors; for instance, she is the girl in the family who has figured out how to knit from her grandma.

The Narrators characters shows, and also their physical aspects, shows their connection to their way of life. Mrs. Johnson, as explained, has "man-working hands" and can "kill a hoard as cruelly as a man"; obviously this detail is intended to demonstrate an unpleasant life, with extraordinary presentation to work. Symbolic importance can likewise be found in Maggie's skin, her scars are actually the engravings upon her body of the heartless voyage of life. Most clearly and in particular the blankets that Mrs. Johnson has guaranteed to give Maggie when she weds are exceedingly representing, speaking to the Johnsons' Rituals. These Quilts were followed by Grandma Dee and after that Big Dee. These figures in family history who were dissimilar to the present Dee, assumed responsibility in instructing their way of life and legacy to their generation. The bedcovers themselves shoes/represents history, of pieces of dresses, shirts, and regalia, every one of which speaks to those individuals who fashioned the family's way of life, its legacy, and its qualities.

Most importantly, these pieces of the past are not just portrayals in actual; they are not removed from day by day life. This, basically, is the essential issue of "Regular Use": that the development and support of its legacy are important to every social gathering's self-ID, however that additionally this procedure, so as to succeed, to be original, must be a piece of family individuals' utilization consistently.

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