What does Depression Feel Like?

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No matter what you’re thinking right now YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Many have been there before so there is no reason to be ashamed. If you are thinking of hurting yourself at this moment, call an emergency hotline.

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“What does Depression Feel Like?”

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You’ve probably read so many stories about people who have been through it and you think that you’re expected to follow that model to get better. That doesn’t always work. It’s OK to read them, but understand that that is their experience, not yours. Everyone has a story, a path to where they’ve been and where they are headed. Look ahead to find your next step. It’s OK to only see one step at a time. Things will be revealed as you keep going. And, you must keep going because everyone has a purpose. Life has meaning. Maybe yours is to share your story, use a talent that you have or something else. You can only find your passion if you are here.

I know that you may feel shame. Depression makes people may think:

  • No one will understand
  • I have responsibilities so I can’t do this right now
  • I can’t tell anyone because it would ruin my life
  • I’m supposed to be the strong one
  • I have to take care of someone else
  • My spouse or children can’t know
  • I don’t want to set a bad example
  • Maybe he/she will leave me
  • No one will understand
  • A parent/leader is the strong one, I shouldn’t need help
  • I don’t have insurance, how am I going to afford this?
  • I can’t lose my job, I’m the only one who takes care of my family
  • They will never stop bullying me
  • No one will accept me the way that I really am
  • Nobody loves me
  • I’m all alone
  • This pain will never end
  • I have no friends
  • Someone abandoned me and it’s my fault
  • No matter what I do, I don’t fit in
  • This is too stressful
  • I have to get an A
  • They say that they love me, but they don’t
  • I just want to cry all of the time
  • I can’t let anyone see
  • I should feel lucky but I don’t
  • I have too many responsibilities
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • I have to escape
  • If I had money I would be happier

There are probably a hundred things that aren’t listed. If yours is different, know that it is just as important as all of the above.

Nothing is more important than your life. Think of the people will be left behind. It doesn’t feel like it, but you will get through this. Your death would destroy the people who are in your life. They want you to get help. You are not a burden to them. They truly care. The pieces will have to be picked up if you leave. Without you, nothing will ever be the same. Family and friends will be devastated. According to medicaldaily.com, People bereaved by the sudden death of a friend or family member are 65% more likely to attempt suicide. It doesn’t feel like it, but you will get through this. Your death would destroy the people who are in your life. They want you to get help. You are not a burden to them. They truly care.

Died by suicide rather than natural causes. In other words, your death will cause a trickle down effect. No one will ever be the same.

Young, old, rich, poor, famous or not, no one is immune to this disease. When someone has cancer, we acknowledge it and treat it. Depression is as dangerous as cancer. It needs to be addressed and treated. That can’t happen if you don’t tell anyone. If you don’t reach out, you can’t grasp your future.

There are many more that aren’t listed but each of those is equivalent to the ones above. Choose a person that you are comfortable with. Tell them they you need help. Have them help you seek a professional. If there is no access to one, call a hotline for referrals. There is a way for you to get better and improve your life. Take that first step.

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