Does Technology Play a Role in Making People Feel more Isolated?

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In this advanced world, technology helps to connect the people around the world and help them to do their work in effective way rather than being alone. Technology helps people to fill a gap between us and our loved ones who is miles and miles apart from us. So, how could this make us feel more alone? We humans are the creators of cellphones, laptops, iPads and so on so that we can stay connected with the people throughout the world. Do we really feel connected with people around us? It also helps to make new friendship around the world by using some the application like Facebook, twitter, snapchat and so on. Nevertheless, people are now depending more on technology. They prefer to communicate with text rather than meeting face to face. Despite of promoting our social life, technology is also taking over our world and getting in the way of real socializing.

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“Does Technology Play a Role in Making People Feel more Isolated?”

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The use of social networking sites and social medias is just a delusion that makes us feel more closer to our loved ones, but the fact is it only makes us feel lonely when there is no face to face meeting with the people who are around us. So, why does it make us feel more alone? Technology will not be able to build a strong relationship, but it makes us feel comfortable with the people with who we chat. For instance, if we meet people online, we feel more comfortable talking with them without any hesitation. But when we finally meet that person, we may feel uncomfortable or we may be disappointed because we are not familiar to face to face conversation as we always chat with that person. One of the important things in relationship is the presence of one another. But talking about distance relationship we can use many technological devices that can connect us together. But even if they spend whole day by video chatting, they will able to fill the gap of their presence emotionally but not physically. The one who meet personally is the benefit of these kind of relationship.

Technology is the gateway of different kinds of ideas and information. When we switch on the television it shows the important news which is going throughout the world and gives information about the current event. Besides that, television is also a great source of entertainment, when we are home alone, we can watch different shows on television which will not make us feel alone. Why does it make us feel alone? The internet is a great source of knowledge as we can find anything that we would ever want to know. Also, the web is the main source of ideas which is posted publicly by the people. I would like to say that in this modern era, one should have vast information’s and ideas to evaluate and to influence the people around them. Any advice, suggestion, hobbies you can discuss over the internet. It makes our live easier.

Even the mysterious things you want to know about is found in the internet. Social media also helps us to make friendly and makes us feel confident without any hesitation. You can present and express yourself freely when you are online. As, I am also an introvert person I cannot express my feeling in face to face conversation but when I am online, I share different ideas information through my social account. Facebook makes me socialized with the people all around the world. It is the place where I can share my opinion and the people from all around the world can comment on that thought which helps me to improve. Because of this advanced technology I can sit whole day at home by playing video games, video chatting with my friends, or by learning about the topic of my interest. To make humans life easier there is also a online learning where we do not need to go school we can study in home by sitting in our own room. People like me who cannot open-up to the mass can take this online course from this course we can chat with the friends without face to face conversation and email our professor without meeting them.

It is true that technology reduces the important of people around us. We can connect with the people who are far away from us, but we started to forget the people who are with us. The technological devices were made to help the people discuss about their opinion, thoughts, and ideas, but the people misuse these devices in a wrong way. In 2012 from the book “The Bottom Line” by Nilles states that the social sites are destroying the importance of conversation with the people around us and making us feel isolated in today’s world. Instead of having face to face conversation we prefer online texting because we feel more comfortable and it is easy to express our thoughts. We can notice in our own home; the children and the teenagers are comfortable talking with their distant family and relatives. But when it comes to meeting with them, they feel shy and uncomfortable as they get used to the emotional presence rather than having physical presence.

In conclusion, everything has got their own limitation. It just depends in us how we use that in a meaningful way without misusing them. Technological devices should also be limited, besides these devices there is an also a real world. We always wants attention and loved by the people around us, but the thing is that we cannot able to give attention to the people, so how do we expect people to talk to us, if we are not willing to talk with them?

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