What Can Autism Look Like and Things you Can do to Spot it

While reading this paper, I believe the author’s purpose is to show people what can autism look like and things you can do to spot it. The author wants to make people aware and how they can test to see if their child has autism. Because many parents wait until it’s too late to find out and that means their child has to catch up to better their development. With these studies the author wants to show how we can test for autism at a young age. The author does this by comparing kids with autism and kids without. The questions that you need to know is what is being done to help diagnosed kids with autism sooner. The information you need to answer this question is looking at your child’s social and emotional development. Also looking at their language development. Once you take the time to look at that, then you can see if your child is delayed in any way. Some people say there is no way to tell and that they are just still learning. The problem with that is that some kids have autism and need help earlier than others. I know once they get this help it will not fix them but it can at lease help then grow developmentally. They are wondering if looking at this thing can really help their child. Answer is yes.

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“What Can Autism Look Like and Things you Can do to Spot it”

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Also people are assuming that once they get older everything should be fine. Which wrong they need to get ahead of this right away. The main point of view is from the researchers. They are trying to see the difference can be with kids who are developing normal and kids who are slower with their development. While reading this article I realized that they signs for autism need to be show more. That if parents knew the signs then they could get their child help faster. The consequences can lead to your child being less developed then other children. This research can also help kids from all over. Since they are doing research with kids at an early age then people will be able to tell what is going on with their child.The purpose of this article is to tell people about autism spectrum disorder. The author is showing the people statics on how many people have ASD in our world. They also give signs to tell if your child have autism. What signs or behavior are common with autism? Once found how can I help? These questions are critical because then we can help identify kids when autism is in it is in the early stages. Then we can learn to get help faster. We can also do research on the topic and see where we should send are children for the best development help. We really need to understand what children are going through and how to help them.

Ways we can tell is how do they act and if they have a developmentally delays. Than if we look at the different stages with cognitive development. Then we can see where the child is and where they should be. People just assume that since there kids are so young that’s the reason why they are not fully developed yet. Which could be true but most of the time it’s because they have some sort of disability. When I read about this topic I am thinking every parents knows this stuff. But in reality parents actually have no clue what signs to look for, let alone what autism. The point of view comes from people who are concerned for kids with autism. Since people know so little of this topic and how there brain develops different from a normal developing brain. I also think the people’s view who are not included are parent who know all of this stuff. Since they already know what to do and have already done something about it. I enjoyed reading this because it gives you some many facts about autism that I didn’t even know. So if you read this article it can help you understand. I honestly do not see any problems with finding out more information on this topic.

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