Autism Disorder

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Autism is a disease described by the fact that it is exposed to a bountiful of challenges through civil communications, cooperation, and limited thoughts and actions . It is a neurological disorder that can alter a person's brain in its behavior. This disease is always a immaturity disorder in which a child is in its own world. Distinguish a child from an moderate person who does not have the disease.

For countless of years no-one has been capable of determining the causes of autism. Scientists in the medical world have their own hypotheses and ideas about the disease. But everyone has mixed opinions about it. Many consider that the origin could come from genetics. Also many consider that it is not from the surroundings or from bad schooling.

Scientists have conducted many studies and will do more in the coming years. Most autism is unidentified, but it is considered to be produced by biological factors. But in many families, there seems to be a arrangement of autism supporting the approving that it might be a genetic basis. It also shows that a few infants might be born with autism susceptibility.

People with autism may find it difficult to express their feelings, read social cues, handle sensory information and handle a routine. They can also move their bodies in strange and unusual ways. For example they flap their hands and other weird gestures. Many things could also disturb them, such as bright lights, loud noises and crowded squares.

If parents suspect something wrong with their kids. They take them to doctors to check if their child may have been diagnosed with autism. And if they have been diagnosed, they take them to speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and special education teachers. But there is still no antidote for autism but, getting some cure will make a huge difference with how the child acts.

It's very challenging for people with autism to make friends. Because they are different from other children, they are usually teased and bullied throughout their lives. And if they're teased or bullied, you should stand up for them. When dealing with them, you have to be patient and kind. Also by speaking clearly and explaining things to them if they don’t understand.


It has been determined by countless debates that autism is the most rapid growing disorder. About two to six infants out of a thousand can be recognized with autism. And it generally develops between one and three year olds. Even though it is the most growing disorder, it is also the most confusing disorder that many questions have not been answered yet.

Evidence of autism can range in bounteous different ways. From relationships, body language, and facial expressions. These symptoms include lack when learning, problems with starting something new, repeating of words, and difficulty understanding what someone is saying. Also 40% of people with autism never speak.

Autism is four times more likely to be diagnosed to boys than girls. Because of the genetics and because of the symptoms displayed by boys. Besides that, the risk of autism is more likely if the parents are older. Especially for mothers over 30 giving birth because the developing of ASD rises rapidly with a woman's age.

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