What are the Causes of Youth Violance?

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Parents have a big impact on their kids lives. Factors such as child abuse, domestic violence, harsh and rejecting parents, inconsistent discipline, and poor monitoring by parents have all been implicated in youth violence.

I feel that Bullying is a very common type of violence. In a national survey of teenagers, six percent skipped school in the previous month because of fears of violence.

Bullying. When you think of bullying, you usually come up with things like spreading rumors, teasing, attacking someone verbally/physically. Simple things like that can really hurt someone overtime. Settle arguments with words not fists. Yes, words can hurt, but trust me, fists also hurt. You can seriously injured if you pick a fight with someone. It's not worth getting hurt, especially if it's over something stupid.

Bullying can result in physical injury, social and emotional distress, and even death.

Not to mention, bullying one kid can put many kids in danger. Harassment and bullying are linked to 75 percent of school-shootings.

Cyber bullying is another very serious issue that need to be addressed. Kids cut themselves, and even commit suicide deuce to cyberbullies. It's sad that kids in this generation actually sit behind a screen and tell other kids to kill themselves. Just because you don't feel loved or cared about doesn't mean you should take it out on an innocent child. There is someone one pit there who can help you. Bullying other people may feel good, but in the end, that child could take their life because of what you said.

Bullying is never the answer.

Take a stand against violence.

Self-harm is another kind of violence, which kids inflict on themselves. Here are some warning signs of potential self harm:

Sudden increase in moodiness, Poor control over behavior, Impulsive, aggressive behavior, Getting into trouble with authority figures, Perfectionism, Hinting at not being around in the future or saying good-bye, and Feeling like a burden to others. It's important to identify these signs early.


Self-Harm is a serious thing and is not to be taken as a joke. If a friend tells you that they have been harming themselves, talk to an counselor or parents about and see what you can do to help or comfort them.

Having easy access to guns can take bullying to a whole other level. Once someone, especially a child, has a gun within reach, the results can be unpredictable and chaotic. That child might take the lives of other child because that child may feel insecure or not loved. It is very important the guns are not within the reach or view of any child. Gun-related suicides and accidental shootings also remain high in many parts of the United States.

When a friend or someone at your school is getting bullied, you should also take it seriously because you never know if the bullying could escalate to a point where they might harm themselves or commit suicide. You should do everything you can to help them stand up for themselves.


Like most kids, I have been bullied before. I have experienced bullying first-hand. This girl told lies, called me names, made people hate me, and other messed up things. The worst part of it was that she acted like it never happened. She the most innocent angel, I was the bad guy.

 This really annoyed me and I was sick of her antics.

One day I told her, I don't want to be your friend., she told the teacher that's I was being rude or something, I can't quite remember as I was in 2nd grade at the time. I told the teacher what she was doing . . . And nothing changed.

 2 years later, 4th grade, she crossed the line. We were making posters for a Girl Scout activity. Before our meeting started, all the other moms except mine talked to us about, some kids arguing and how we should RESPECT each other OPINIONS.. I was a bit confused but we moved on with the meeting. At that time, or principal had removed art from our fine art schedule, and that's what me and the girl were talking about. She had forced me to work on a poster with her. Eventually, we came to a point in the conversation where I said  don't really like drama. The girl was obsessed with plays, acting, and drama. Me on the other hand, didn't really enjoy those things. The girl gets up and walks over to one of the moms. My mom was outside with another mom working on a bultien board. The girl tells the mom, Arianna was disrespecting my opinion.. That mom proceeds to get up and yell at me. This is not the first time you've done this. Apologize. I said sorry, and she continues to yell, Say it like you mean it. I can't remember wether I said it again or not. I felt like crying. When the meeting was over I got in the car and cried.

If you ask me, it seemed like it was all set up. Every mom except mine knew about The Talk we were going to have before this meeting. My mom was coincidentally outside the room when it happened. None of the other moms in the room did anything when it happened.


As you can see, violence is everywhere and is happening constantly. About 47 teens are bullied every five minuets. Every 30 minuets, a teen tries to commit suicide due to bullying. Simple things such as talking to that one girl who sits alone or helping a friend out, can make a difference. As I stated before, you should always take violence seriously. Take a stand against violence.

Don't stand BY, stand UP to bullying.

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