Could Modifying Tht School System Prevent Youth Suicides and other Tragic Events

Modifying the US School Systems Could modifying the school system prevent youth suicides and other tragic events? Interview of the pressures/mental health issues that come along with the current school system, one that many claim to be outdated/insufficient Interview Describing in their words on school Shooting(s) Modifying the school system for grades elementary and above throughout the United States would benefit the youth in many ways which include the safety/comfort of their lives, Mental Health and overall education. *Use Active Verbs: a subject/verb structure As a matter of fact = In Fact At this point in time = Now or Currently In order to = To *Clarify – Balance Parallel Ideas Avoid distraction shifts in structure, writes->took Many kids who are severely bullied in school or through the internet could potentially end up harming themselves, and this has been proven over time in many cases. There are huge amounts of contributing factors that cause children, teens or even young adults to have problems in a school environment.

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“Could Modifying Tht School System Prevent Youth Suicides and other Tragic Events”

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Some kids are not lucky enough to find positive companions or groups of kids that have their back and could therefore feel alone. These students may already suffer from mental illness or feel alone and constantly struggle with physical bullying, feeling shamed, embarrassed, or sometimes even having their lives threatened. Sometimes threats made in school are meant for post school places where these teens hang out, leaving the victim in fear both during the school day and the remainder of their days. In the hours when they should otherwise feel safe, like walking home or going to an after-school job, party, or sports practice, students should not need to worry about any extra stress or suffering, let alone fear loss of life. For the victim that finds the strength to inform an adult that may include a teacher, guidance counselor, principal or parent, they have to deal with a whole new way of being attacked by potentially being labeled a ‘snitch’. Despite the concern of the child’s safety, this brings a whole new level of bullying that affects both the lives and education of many students daily. More than once on a frequent basis one of those victims are informed by the administration or counselor that maybe they should change their behavior or try harder to fit in in order to avoid being bullied. The administration therefore blames the victim, which leads to discouraging them to never try to stick up for themselves and lets the harassment continue until it’s too late.

This could result in the student either taking their life or worse, the life of their peers. For all of the ‘security’ systems in place in schools these days to protect against gun violence, we are still in a state of extremely lacking the the ability to keep kids safe from deadly weapons, bullying, and suicide. It is easy to identify the consequences of violence to children. In addition to the physical consequences resulting from physical violence, there are also more social and psychological consequences as well. Children who are bullied or injured at school often show signs of depression, violent thoughts, suicide, anxiety, low self-esteem and other psychological {issues. [Another problem… This leads into proposed solutions for the situation on mental health issues that develop through being in the current corrupt school system . The reason college is not included is because nobody is forced to attend college, a choice is given. According to Switzerland According to deLara, Bullying or harassment are a part of the everyday experience of many school children in the U.S. Bullying can take many forms and, while not acceptable, is considered almost inevitable. Data had been gathered from 5 focus groups, with a total of 52 interviews individually through the people. The study examined students who either currently were or had been bullied in the past, and their cognitive reactions/coping strategies. Coping strategies at school include cognitive problem-solving skills and emotion-focused skills, which in the article is describe as seeking social support and telling an adult as cognitive problem-solving, and ignoring, being nonchalant, or crying as emotion-focused approaches to coping.

Findings from this research educates violence protection programs by showing the perspective of students on dealing with this universal and detrimental issue. When that doesnt work and all hope is lost for the student that can’t find their way out of their dilemma they turn to talking it out on their peers. According to Mendl, A mass killing is a complex behavior that is the product of a range of variables… We then evaluate media reporting guidelines and research related to the prevention of suicide and other imitational behaviors to identify reactive and proactive strategies that could minimize the likelihood of one mass killing inducing another. . Research from a very recent time suggests this by presenting that when a mass killing occurs there is a greater chance of another occurring in the near future, also commonly known as the domino effect. Students that are victims see this as a way to stop their bullies and in a way try to use it as an intimidation technique and they see it as the only option when the rest of their cries for help were left unheard. Inequality has life or death consequences and people who suffer from a disadvantage live shorter lives and deal with harsh mental and physical health.

Jewel asserts, We have known for quite some time that disadvantaged individuals suffer from poorer health outcomes and lower life spans than the advantaged. This article collectively refers to scientific theories as embodied inequality and explains why it is so difficult for individuals. It speaks about racial discrimination and inequality which are two strong impacts on the mental health of students. The inequality students are faced with due to living in stressful disadvantaged environments with little social security and no control over a situation can lead students to believe they have no way out and often blame themselves for the situation they are in. It leads to stress because of the negative environment which in the end often leads to suicide. School violence is a serious problem which leads to most schools having some level of violent situations that may include bullying, school fights or even use of weapons on campus. The presence of violence in a schools could leads to multiple serious consequences, making it important to recognize the consequences so that the school can address the problem before it grows stronger/more serious. Violence in schools also has an impact on the school itself.

The presence of a high amount of violence is bad for the school’s reputation, which means that parents will try to remove their children from the school. Fewer students means less funding for the school, which means the school will be unable to provide the best education. Extreme violence-prevention methods would be an intelligent and responsible investment. Constant security guards or police presence and metal detectors, are expensive but losing students due to fear or various reasons loses money for the school in the long run. Many schools decide to transform into a zero tolerance policy when violence becomes an issue. They implement metal detectors on campuses and provide constant police monitoring. This can actually be a problem for the school in some cases, in which Students may be more secretive since the consequences are more incense. Policies and procedures should be focused on when and how to react when someone mentions a desire to harm themselves, others or beven both in many cases sadly. Presenting a cause of harm could occur verbally, through social media or in a form of writing/video. Sometimes the threat is specific, but other times it’s not and the more specific the target group, location, time or method, the higher risk of harm and ability to prevent. This would be true for someone that pertains to or does not a mental health issues and as part of the curriculum, students should learn to identify bullying language/actions in one another.

Positive communication skills should also be taught from a young age and understanding this will help create more of a healthy environment where harm is less likely to occur. Sexual harassment is another issue that affects students around the world every single day. Administrators can take several steps to help eliminate sexual harassment in their schools and further educate students about the harmful subject. This could lead to prevention and overall better awareness by students being taught the difference between friendly teasing and bullying or flirting and harassment. Many schools have moved and adapted from traditional punishments that remove kids from the classroom, and instead schools should implement positive behavioral involvements and more extensive student support methods. Older generation rules that include suspensions or expulsions don’t address the root of the situations because of the behavior that caused the child trouble in the first place. Overall, those acts of punishment place students further at risk, in which counseling and other forms of positive student support provide an increasingly healthier response to behavior and mental health. Do something about it.

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