Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse Online

Catching a cheating spouse has become ten times more difficult in this age of technology. Not only your spouse has plenty of ways to cheat on you, but they also have the technology to cover their tracks. Trust is the key in any relationship, but if you are wary of your spouse’s activities, then it’s better to take matters into your own hands instead of waiting for them to come clean.

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“Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse Online”

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Following is a list of some of the things you can do to catch your cheating spouse online:

1. Monitor their browsing history

Checking your spouse’s internet browsing history is easy and straightforward. This way, you can track what websites your partner is often visiting and at what hours. If your partner is cheating on you, then there is no guarantee that you will find anything suspicious in their internet history. They can clear their browsing history, and with it, all chances of you ever finding out what they did online.

But them clearing their browsing history every time they log off is hint enough that they are hiding something from you. If not the whole history, your partner can delete specific searches and website visits from their browser history, making your task to track their infidelity more difficult. You must keep a log of when your spouse goes online and when they log off from their computer to track gaps in their search history.

2. Check their emails

This task can be a bit more challenging to complete than the first one. Some states and countries even characterize this behavior as a breach of privacy. Make sure you have a valid argument to clear your name while presenting emails as evidence of cheating in the court. If you have your spouse’s email & password that they shared with you, then checking their email shouldn’t be a problem. But note that most people get security alerts when they login to their account from unfamiliar devices. You can uncheck the “clear cache & cookies” option in your spouse’s browser to keep them logged into their account on their computer. It is a natural way to access their emails without getting caught.

3. Check if they are on dating sites

Most cheating spouses use dating sites where they put themselves as “single” to get matched. They can go on as many dates as they want by using these sites without starting a full-fledged affair with anyone. Tinder is among the most popular dating apps, and a tinder profile search should be the first thing you should do to catch your cheating spouse. There is a chance that your spouse might be using an alias to use dating sites, but their name won’t steer far from their actual identity. That’s why you should do a thorough profile search by using their nicknames and picture tracking.

4. Try to catfish your spouse

If you’ve done this before in jest with any of your friends, then this should be easy enough for you to pull off. You can create fake accounts on sites and chat rooms that you know your partner visits often. If you can get close to them online, then there are chances of them revealing information that you, as a spouse, didn’t know. If not the buddy approach, then you can try flirting with them and see how they respond to your advances. Note that you cannot get caught while doing so, and if you do, then your relationship with your spouse will be severely damaged.

5. Use a keylogger program to track their computer usage

Keylogger programs can follow all the activities that your spouse does on their computer. You can figure out their social media and email passwords with the help of these programs without getting caught. There are keylogger programs that you can use free of cost, but paid apps and plans give you more features and security advantages. It is up to you to decide how much do you want to spend on spying your spouse.

6. Trail your partner’s location via GPS tracking apps

You can track your spouse’s current position as well as all the places they’ve visited when they were away from you using their GPS. They must have their phone with them for this method of investigation to be successful. Install GPS tracking software on your and your partner’s phone if you don’t have an in-built one already on your phone. You can figure out whether your spouse is lying or not by matching their statements with their locations.

7. Monitor online bank transactions

Monitoring bank transactions is an efficient way to know what your spouse is doing with their money. Most couples have a joint account, or they at least have access to bank statements mailed at their house. You can read these statements and figure out whether your spouse has spent money on things that they didn’t bring home, especially items for the opposite gender. You need to be extremely cautious while accusing your spouse of cheating based on their bank statements. They can lie their way out of it by telling you that they bought those items as gifts for their colleagues or friends.

8. Profile their social media contacts

You can see your spouse’s Facebook friend list (if they didn’t customize their security settings), Instagram, and Twitter followers. By going through these lists, you can research about specific people that you find suspicious on these lists. You can also see who is commenting on their posts and who appears to be more “friendly” with them on social media.

Wrapping Up:

Catching your spouse cheating online is no easy feat. It is time-consuming and stressful since you need to investigate your spouse’s daily activities without getting caught. If your suspicions are wrong, then your spying can cause a strain on your relationship. That is why you must have concrete evidence of suspicious conduct, even to doubt your spouse. Furthermore, you need to stay connected to reality and plan what you will do if you caught your spouse cheating. Prepare yourself for the emotional fallout!

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