Vocational Education for Vulnerable Young People Employment and Empowerment in the Cambodian Urban

This research methodology is precise and promised on purposive in sampling (Yin 2003) or what has approach, an equal insight into the phenomenon, and analytic generalisation and this better theorising to the issue of and employment in urban combodia will be provided by this methodology which will help to select some cases which are responsible of the complex characteristics of NGOs in combodia by given only a flavour of generalisability but also a higher degree of certainty in theorising. In this case a table was used with 6 variables, one for registration, size, location, training, knowledge and skill portfolio, it also analyses youth involvement in technical, moral and cultural, and linkage to employment, these formation was made to help in capturing the representativeness of dynamics of NGOs capturing in combodia whose where targeted groups involve in vulnerable youth aged 14-30 and whose VE service is a response to labour market need. Another approach was also adopted in answering the above question whose was based on participatory observation, documentary collection and semi structured interview, after which an empirical model of an integrated pedagogy of vocational education was built up accordingly, these further provided a theoretical verification of comparing it with what VE graduates perceive as constituting the integrated VE pedagogy in the follow up survey. To determine the number of students per year and their location who do enrolled them self into VE education training, and knowledge and skills portfolio linkage to employment, a number of data was collected from the intervened NGOs in combodia, after which a 3 metric table where designed with the nine NGOs investigated. The table provided the empirical data needed. These finding leaded to a pedagogical concept of at lest a triangulated by cross-checking views as follow

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“Vocational Education for Vulnerable Young People Employment and Empowerment in the Cambodian Urban”

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  1. Among differences interviewers (of leading managers, administrative staff, teachers and students)
  2. Among different NGOs
  3. Among different data collection techniques, and even.
  4. Across two different periods of field work.

All these processes lead to two approaches of case background and a follow-up evaluation where the researcher has to adopt semi-structured interviews in the first fieldwork period. Which shows a statistical terms, the sample size equivalent to the population used in the structured interview. And the mini questionnaire. To further supplement and explain the findings derived from the mini questionnaire, qualitative evidence was gathered by direct observation of the original graduate students’ performance at their place of work by doing so, the importance of pedagogical constituents from the service users perspective could be further identified and scrutinised.

The three-tier approach to empowering young people shows that learning formally was neither job-oriented nor motivational. Students also imply that a responsible, cooperative and inclusive environment which discriminates against no-one in the process is most effective for nurturing young people’s performance and personalities. In creating such an environment, a six pedagogical constituents at separately embedded in the three different physical learning environment settings was found as follow

  1. Relationship (change to rust, love, openness)
  2. Rehabilitation (self-expression, self-esteem and confidence)
  3. Know-how acquisition (teamwork, hands-on, practical, participation)
  4. Moral involvement (valves, model, reasoning, responsibility and social work)
  5. Incentive provision (earn-while you-lean against opportunity cost, for motivation)
  6. Consultative provision (grow while you work. Problem solving and critical thinking in a process of productivity and socialization)
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