Use of Social Networks and Self-Esteem

The use of social network sites, such as Facebook keeps on gaining popularity and poaching the lives of adolescents as well as other people, it is essential to pay attention to what extent the internet, interactive web or social networks impact the way we evolve self-esteem or well-being. Individuals are using social media to feel important, to gain momentum and exposure.

Now, more that never before, the instantaneous and continuous access of internet and social sites dominates the subjects of conversation and influence how people see and experience the world. The findings of this paper indicated that adolescents associate positive feeling when they can connect with friends, but also that they may experience negative feelings such as depression, low self-esteem and anxiety (Panic 2014). While adolescents are using social media sites such as Facebook, they are not the only group of people who need to pay attention to the influence of social media. Each individual, each community or society has the responsibility to themselves and to others, to which extent they use Facebook, and also to be aware of the influence social media play in their own lives.

Although the experiences individuals have on social networking sites is positive or negative, if it boosts security or insecurity, there is important to be aware to which extent Facebook impacts the relationships we built and most important to be aware that it cannot replace the process of life. Human communication continues to play a crucial role in our development as human beings and while in person relationships will always define the human experience, social networking sites modernize how these relationships are shaped, and also change the way individuals share information about themselves with the world.

As long as we move into a future where social media is part of our lives, and our reliance on computers or telephones to supply us information grows it is essential to also pay attention of the things that are not wired. Individuals are continuously a new language in order to be connected and in tune with one another. Whereas Facebook is already another place these connections take place, it is really important to take into consideration that not all off its aspects are just negative or just positive.

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