An Issue of Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem- confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect Self-esteem is important in everyone's life as it may influence how well you do in life. There are three main types of self-esteem inflated, high and low. Now self-esteem is not fixed and can change by various factors such as social circumstances, age, life experiences and most importantly yourself. People with Inflated self-esteem think themselves as better than everyone else, and are generally characterized by their inability to listen to others and to critique themselves.

The people that have this type of self-esteem are likely to be narcissistic. An example situation of how this type of person comes into existence is that they were generally gifted and can do anything that their peer group could but better and that kept up for a very long time. People with High self-esteem accept and value themselves, as they are well-balanced people that can usually shake off a bad day easily. These people can be seen as the average joe that have very few problems in their life's. that's not to say they don't experience the result of bad circumstances. Now Low self-esteem individuals don't value themselves, as they don't trust in their skills.

 These individuals likely came from a family that was actually doing very well, but they just did poorly with just about everything they tried. They are also likely a product of being told that they could always do better even if they have done something great that very few others could do. Having sound levels of self-esteem has little to do with hitting any verifiable benchmarks, but instead, with a strange internal type of logic with factors, immune to standard notions of achievement, there are three factors that stand out in particular. The first of these factors is what your same-sex parent did. How many achievements you have compared to your respective same-sex parent is one of the greatest factors because if you see yourself as having more than them you will be very likely to have high self-esteem. On the opposite end of this if you have fewer achievements then your parent then you're more likely to have a lower self-esteem. Those with poor backgrounds have an advantage with this factor because if they could land house and their parent was only renting their living space, they will feel good about themselves.

Again, on the reverse a person that can only get part-time employment while their parent has had a full-time job, they will generally think that they could have done better. The next factor is what your peer group is up to this refers to the people that you went to school with if one of those classmates was able to make a large, successful business or get into a high government position, we will wonder to our self how is that not me. Last of the factors is what kind of love you received in childhood those that only got conditional love will keep striving to improve as they try to find that desire for approval. Those that received unconditional love will not have to try as hard to find approval.

So, self-esteem is the product of many variable factors. We all have the indirect ability to raise of lower it depending on our choices and how those choices turn out for us. If we let a bad circumstance get to us it can lower our esteem, but that doesn't mean that it will stay lowered forever. The same could be said by completing a lifetime goal of ours and that can raise our level of self-esteem it doesn't mean it will stay raised.

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