Use of Networked Computing Resources

Use of Networked Computing ResourcesToday’s pervasive use of networked computing resources is threatened by increased security incidents such as data and privacy breaches, and attacks to all kinds of systems and applications by individual and state-sponsored hackers. Such threats are generally known as cyber threats, attacks, or crimes; and the technologies, processes, and methods to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems is collectively referred to as cybersecurity. In response, organizations deploy cybersecurity in many different forms and technologies. A common approach to securing network perimeters for defending internal networks is in using security mechanisms such as a firewall or intrusion detection system(s)

This report focuses on IDS in three parts. Part one introduces the general IDS concept, how IDS functions, its advantages over firewalls, and its limitations. Part two is a brief technical perspective of how some basic IDS functions can be implemented in Windows PowerShell (a scripting language native to Microsoft Windows operating system and open sourced for Linux systems) that network administrators and security specialists new to Windows administration can consider for in-house security development. Three describes about why the global worldwide government invested such huge amount of money to deploy IDS/IPS into the market .

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