University of California Admission Essay

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I have always worked hard in as far as my academic life is concerned. Ever since I entered Thurgood Marshall Academy High School, my aim has been to join the University of California to study statistics; and because I know what it takes for one to get an admission into the said university, I have always furthered my dream in and outside the classroom more especially where the aforementioned course is concerned. My performance in high school has been my motivation; it even convinced my high school heads to make me a leader despite the fact that I am an international student.

I am a Chinese Vietnamese, and I speak both languages. Since I was of age when I migrated to San Francisco, I had a lot of difficulties communicating in as far as the English language was concerned. However, this did not discourage me. I developed a habit of making a friend on a daily basis and trying to learn English from them. My struggle to know and hence communicate in English led to take an English college-level class in the summer of 2017 on the verge to improve my English and grammar. Today, I can fluently speak and write in English, and that is one of the reasons why I am writing to request for the admission into this prestigious university. I have also managed to keep a GPA of 3.83, and I am currently waiting for the SAT results. My major is mathematics, and I have followed the spirit too by attending AP Calculus and AP Statistics classes which I knew could quickly help me gain entry into the UC.

I qualified to be in the Local Context (ELC) program, and that recognizes an individual's accomplishments in light of the opportunities offered by a particular high school. I was among top the top students in the context, and in a position that can be recognized by UC. As it is known throughout history, UC will always identify the top 9 percent of students based on GPA in UC-approved coursework completed in the 10th and 11th grades. I also qualified for State path and emerged to be in the top 9 percent of California high school graduates. Should an admission index be used, I am sure to fall into the group of those students expected to join UC.

Besides studies, I have been working at Old Navy @ Market 4th Street SF for three months since 16 years old. I have also been working at AT&T Park @ SF seasonal for more than two decades, selling corndog and beverages at football/ baseball games. I also worked on an election day at SF as the poll worker (clerk) November 4th, 2016 helping with voting.

Regarding leadership, I participated for three years in my high school badminton team and was promoted to be the captain in my senior year. My team this spring got a 3rd play award when I was still a captain. I have been a team member since a freshman in high school till junior, and I have always played in every game season every spring from January to June, and then as a captain in my senior level. I also was awarded for being the best player in my team when I was but a junior member. I was the president of the Vietnamese club at my high school in junior years after had been participated in the organization for almost years attended there. These are the very competencies that make me believe that I can do even better, should I be admitted into the UC.

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