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Salud Carbajal is the Representative of the 24th district in California. He is a democrat that is proudly representing the Hispanic community. Salud Carbajal is a strong leader bringing awareness to the less fortunate and in need by promoting higher education, better healthcare, and programs for at risk youth.

Carbajal was born on November 18, 1964 in Moroleon, Mexico. He later immigrated from Mexico to Arizona, then from there moved to Oxnard. While living in Arizona he worked along with his father in the mines, once he moved to Oxnard they worked in the fields. He became a resident of Santa Barbara in 1983. He attended the University of California Santa Barbara where he got his bachelor's. He then continued his education at Fielding University where he received a masters in organizational management. Carbajal is a proud veteran. He served eight years in the Marine Corps Reserve which included two active duty’s in the Gulf War in 1992.

Carbajal first ran for Representative of the 24th district of California in 2016. In the primary election of 2016 his opponents were Justin Fareed and Michael Erin Woody. Due to California's top-two primary system, he ended up only running against Republican Justin Fareed. He won that election 56% to 44%. Carabajal ran for his second terms just this month, his opponent was once again Justin Fareed. He also won that election therefore he is currently serving his second term representing the 24th district. Before he became a representative of the 24th district, Carbajal served 12 years on the Boards of Supervisors of Santa Barbara. He was and still is a cherished member of the community. He has been awarded Community Environmental Council Environmental Hero, Public Officer of the Year, Santa Barbara Jewish Federation Ambassador of Freedom Award, and was named a “Community Role Model” by the Women's Economic Ventures. All these awards and accomplishment further prove Salud Carbajal is an astonishing representative that cares for his people. He is also a loving husband and father of two. His beloved wife's name is Gina Carbajal, his children are Natasha and Michael Carbajal. Currently his wife was recently appointed the Executive Director of United Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara.

Carbajal is a part of over 50 caucuses. Two caucus that stood out were the California Public Higher Education Caucus and the Congressional National Guard Youth Challenge Caucus. These two caucus are one’s that Carbajal can relate to. He believes in the power of a higher education and opportunities it offers. He was an immigrant from another country and took the opportunity to get a high education and better his future. He also believes in serving your country. According to Carbajal For Congress Facebook “I joined the Marine Corps Reserve to protect the country that has given me the opportunities to build a life for myself and my family”. He knows the power of serving your country and how it builds a person's character and allows them to advance.

The 24th district includes San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and western Ventura County. The estimated population is 740,000 people. Almost all the people who live in the 24th district are Caucasian. The leading ethnicity is Hispanic. Since Carbajal is of Hispanic ethnicity his can connect and relate to the many Hispanics in the district. An estimated 58,000 people have no health insurance coverage according to the United States Census Bureau, this is one of the reasons that Carbajal is a strong advocate of better healthcare. Around 87,000 people only have a high school diploma or equivalency. That may be one of the many reasons Carbajal is a part of the California Public Higher Education Caucus.

Being a part of politics means you must campaign to get your name out in the public and well known, which cost tons of money that the average person does not have so they receive donations for their campaign. Carbajal's number one contributor comes from unitemized contributions. His main contributors that come from interest groups which consists of American Federation of Teachers (AFT) , United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), CMTE for Hispanic Causes, and lastly Job Opportunities and Education (JOE).

Overall Salud Carbajal is doing a fantastic job at serving his people. He is trying to provide better healthcare, education, and is trying to better the future of the youths. He understands the importance of education and how getting a higher education can change your life forever. He is involved in many causes that prove he cares for his people. He is doing everything he can to provide to his people. He is still continuing to do that to this day.

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