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Titanic the movie, was a film produced in 1997, based on the true story of the British liner that sank in the Atlantic Ocean on April 12th, 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during its voyage to come across to America and the great city of New York. Titanic in Greek mythology means gigantic and that is exactly what this ship represented, being 882 feet length and 104 feet tall. The ship was built by Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, United Kingdom that started there creation on March 31, 1909, this ship took about 26 months to build.

The Titanic did extremely well to the international audiences because of the history of the Titanic tragedy the great love story, the filmmaker and the audience demographic. The story of the Titanic and of the events surrounding her fateful maiden voyage has become a well-known and circulated legend of the sea (Scholar). Some names of the ship include; Ship of Dreams, Queen of the Ocean, The Ship That God Could Not Sink.

On April 12th, 1912 all of these names were all proved wrong as the ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean. This ship sinking was a worldwide disaster that was worldwide news and a terrible tragedy that many people lost their lives in. This movie was a visual representation of the sink age that many people wondered how this was possible and this was the first media production about it. So therefore, attracting many viewers just based on the mystery helped them become successfully worldwide. The second factor that made this movie do well globally is the love story attached to the movie.

If this movie was just a documentary, this wouldn't have brought so many viewers to see it. This young love story used characters of Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater who were both 17 years old falling in love with each other. Rose came from an upper class and was not supposed to associate with lower class passengers however, she breaks the rules and spends time with Jack. At first, the couple argues and doesn't agree. As time goes on, Jack goes through extensive lengths to impress Rose and even saves her life throughout this drama filled movie. This movie is a built up romance inside of a traumatic event. As the young couple starts to fall in love, disaster strikes and the ship begins to sink. Jack fall into panic as he cannot find Rose as he tries to save her before the ship goes down, so they can both survive and extend their relationship.

This romance is very suspenseful and intriguing which keeps viewers watching and contributes to the success of the movie worldwide. The studio made sure to do research about what genre to represent and what characters to use. According to a study by the University of Cambridge, actors that have earned previous awards or recognition bring your reviews and stars up, which influences consumer's choice on viewing the movie (Online Study). Another statistic found by IMDb, Titanic is the most watched movie of all time and second in popularity across the world (IMDb). The movie incorporated a Romeo and Juliet love story. Love stories are some of the most popular and most viewed genre of movies worldwide James Cameron is a big reason the movie did so well with global audiences and making sure the studio did as well. James Cameron is a well credited filmmaker and deep sea-explorer which gave him ideas to create this movie. The release of James Cameron's film version of Titanic in 1997 is a good illustration of this kind of renewal (Proquest).

James was born in Canada and then moved to the United States in 1971. His first film that he wrote and directed was The Terminator, then he wrote Aliens, Terminator 2 and then finally Titanic. James had much approval from his ratings and world support. James filmed this movie off the coast of Mexico, where he added real footage of the Titanic wreckage to add real context to the movie. The Titanic was a world setting record in worldwide gross of $2,186,772,302, which makes him today's second highest worldwide grossing movie, behind his own Avatar movie which acquired $2,787,965,087 (IMDb). The studio made sure to include this real footage to help the viewers see what the wreckage looked like and to add a sense of empathy to it.

James won an extensive amount of awards for Titanic including; Academy Award for Best picture, Academy Award for Best Director, Academy Award for Best Film Editing, Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Drama and many more (IMDb). The demographic of the movie also contributed much to the popularity and approval of it. James Cameron and the studio made sure to make this movie very unique and he included all demographics in creation of his movie. First off, the movie is a worldwide tragedy that is well known to many. Secondly, he targeted the majority of viewers with an easy storyline that was easy to follow to the typical viewer. He made sure not to try too hard to attract viewers, he had a simple plot and attracted many people's hearts through a love story.

The general public was not only mesmerized by the film but also began to seek as much information as possible to satisfy both and intellectual and popular curiosity (proquest). With this being said, the public is very intrigued by the movies, and does research more about the sinking of the Titanic. This movie even to today, brings people back and has them continue to watch it over and over for the good quality and to remember the traumatic event and make sure this never happens again in the future. Given these points, the Titanic was an eventful and dramatically filled movie that was easy to follow and was very successful worldwide through statistics and the information presented. With that being said, that helped gain and international audience and having a set led by a great producer helped them appeal to all. Some reasons that the movie was so successful was through the actual footage and real life experience it gave the viewer. Another reason would be the love story it gave with it, adding a sense of emotion to the movie.

Identically, the writer and producer James Cameron was a huge factor in promoting the movie and delivering quality content to the viewers while having a studio under his leadership. Moreover, the demographic of the movie helped contribute to the popularity and success of the movie. All together, the Titanic was a worldwide successful movie that continues to thrive from the studio production and leadership as well as obtaining the international audience.

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