The Titanic was a British Passenger Liner

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The Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during the voyage from Southampton to New York City. This boat carried a total of two thousand two hundred twenty-nine people. The number of survivors varied form seven hundred one to around seven hundred thirteen people. This British liner was separated by a class system and if anyone was to survive the sinking of the Titanic you were most likely an upper class male, woman, or a child. The film demonstrates two sociological concepts, gender roles and class inequality.

After analyzing the film, you truly realize the ideological definition of class status. Meaning that class status, is one's social economic standing. It's obvious the division of the upper and lower class citizens who randomly unite on the largest ship in the world at its time. In this scenario, an upper class female falls in love with a lower class male. This may be due to this lower class gentleman having wiser morals and is more grateful for what he has. The upper class's personalities are portrayed as snobby people and treat everything they come in contact with as materialistic things.

This could be the reason why Rose fell out of love with her fiance, whom was part of the upper class and became interested in Jack. In the film, when Rose's fiance sees Jack dressed as a rich man would. Rose's fiance makes the comment, Amazing, you could almost pass for a gentleman basically meaning Jack cannot and will not be viewed as a gentleman because he has no money. The movie does a great job at portraying different personality features between the different social classes. Describing how people are treated in reality, based on their class and the drastic difference in their surroundings.

Gender roles are consecutively brought up in The Titanic film. In most cases, women were putting most of their effort in attempting to impress the gentleman. Back then, women weren't able to provide for themselves without a man. Rose's mother would demand Rose to marry rich because their family is poor but regardless of their family's financial standings, Rose had no other choice. This film proves that women would sacrifice their reputation for beauty just to please the men. Men would have conversations amongst themselves on topics pertaining to politics or business because it was believed that a woman didn't understand such topics. These men believed they had the upper-hand on women at all times.

Rose's fiance would become angry with her until she obeyed to his orders. He thought of her as an animal when she would speak upon herself. He believed that he should always speak for her. Rose's fiance never realized he was acting in such an inappropriate way because he was raised with social privilege. During that time, men acting in such a way toward the female was considered the right way. Comparing that to now, if men were to act in such a way that wouldn't be normal. Although, there is still that idealistic idea that the female gender isn't to be viewed as masculine or aggressive; and even still some relationships that believe in the man making all decisions.

While aboard on the Titanic, your social class separates you amongst the passengers and also depicted the treatment you received. The rich and poor were portrayed completely different. Ones who were viewed as elegant or brilliant were the rich. On the other hand, people who were displayed as dirty, idiotic, and brainless were the poor. The poor were required to have health inspections before boarding the ship. The wealthy has their luggage carried and were not inspected due to their socioeconomic status.
Jack was accused of theft only because he didn't have an advantage like the upper class had. It was easier for him to be punished, although he was set up by Rose's fiance. With Jack being labeled as the lower class, when he put in his word against someone of a higher class, it meant absolutely nothing to the police.

The lower class was locked into their living quarters while the boat began to sink. While on the other hand, the upper class was able to load onto the lifeboats. There was a limited number of lifeboats aboard the ship that seating was very limited due to the number of passengers. It was made apparent that the upper class's lives were important than anyone below their socioeconomic status. With the Titanic now sinking, Jack and Rose's fiance's task was to save Rose. If there was any reason these gender roles were to switch between the three, it would be more likely that Rose would be the one saving the two men. This restates gender roles and the idea of the boldness attribute men obtain. After the sinking of The Titanic, Molly who was classified as new money asked the lifeboat to go back to the site due to the extra room that was available. The captain immediately denied her request and was threatened by the captain if she continued to defy.

Throughout the film there're multiple patterns, men are these idealistic hero's and to be comforted by women, women are useless and can't live without a rich man supporting them, and finally the way you're treated is completely depended on your standing within the social class system. In the film The Titanic, the white men are those in power because of socially constructed gender roles that were designed by white men. This film does an excellent job at demonstrating and criticizing how our society is today. It shows exactly how the unfair treatment of people based on their social classes is handled. It also shows how people can use their money in order to get what they want in life. Leaving the lower class citizens remaining at the lower end in society.

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