The Life and Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

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I’ve read a lot about the president of the United States of America through, The Life And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, by Allan Nevins. This book helped me learn a lot about him that I did not know so let’s begin. It all started in a log cabin, his mother was in labor and on February 12, 1809 a child was born Near the village of Hodgenville, Kentucky. Abraham Lincolns parents came from pioneer stock and he ended up growing up on a farm. Abrahams Lincoln was raised on Sinking Spring Farm Lincolns father bought the farm for two hundred dollars and he received 300 acres of land, the farm land was known for a great water source and fertile soil. Lincoln had it rough as he was growing up.

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“The Life and Presidency of Abraham Lincoln”

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Yet again title trouble for the land rights drove the father to build a raft and put his whiskey and tools and left for Indiana. There he found his spot and came back for his family to take them down to Indiana and they took off in 1816 so they could have a new start. When they arrived in Indiana it was nearly Winter, and they had to act quickly to not die of the cold. Abraham and his father built a shelter that was half built and half open where a fire was to heat the interior of the shelter. Relatives came to join the Lincolns and they took more than half the half-faced shelter the Lincolns had to move to their other unfinished shelter where they had to live again in hardship through the winter and the cold. Abrahams mother passed away due to sickness that hit the family because of the cold and them not being warm enough and the shelter not helping with heat. Years later when Abraham was older he ran for Congressmen and won even though he was small he made a name for himself and worked his way up to have a legacy for himself. Nearing the end of Abrahams term at congress he threw all his support in to the Whig party, and he worked to elect Zachary Taylor he travelled throughout Europe looking to do better.

Even though the party died out in 1852 all the members found a new party, at the end of his term Abraham started to think of himself as an old man who married many times mainly due to his wives dying of disease and illness. Abraham Lincoln started his campaign for office of presidency, he travelled all about giving speeches and talking to the people and how he was going to change their lives and that he did. Abraham was a great president including he was a great father Abraham motivated every single person at every speech and town, village, and city Abraham touched every single hand and heart and whoever he talked to. He built the nation from ashes and in remembrance he is a national monument. But that happened in the future let’s get back to the past and find out more about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham was a man of great respect, responsibility, and integrity to where everybody loved him and felt him touch their lives. Abraham was a man of curiosity and through all the biographies we will never have a complete history on Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln became the president of the United States of America because his speech touched the lives of every single kid women and man. Lincoln successfully was able to win due to his speeches and his opponent not touching every women child and man but how he was courageous and brave Lincoln won over the troops and as able to give each one of them pride and dignity of his braveness to help them move forward through the darkness and to stager forward to the end of the light. So, In short there is much to be said about Abraham Lincoln he surely did make a impression on the American public and he surley was a great president who had a great impact on slavery as he was the head to stopping slavery and the American public who used slavery as it was a big adjustment for the American people to stop the slavery resigned and that ended up closing slaver,. and that is what Abraham is most commonly known for in American history through the decades since he abolished slavery.

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