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Road transportation is extremely important for development because it provides convenience to its residents. However, it conjointly exposes individuals to the danger of road accidents, injuries and fatalities. Exposure to adverse traffic surroundings is high in Republic of India owing to the unprecedented rate of implementation and growing urbanization oxyacetylene by high rate of economic process. As a result, incidents of road accidents, traffic injuries and fatalities have remained intolerably high within the Republic of India

In India, approximately 150,000 people are killed each year in road accidents, more than the number of people killed in all our wars put together. 5 lives end on Delhi’s roads every day, out of which 16 children die on Indian roads daily. Road Safety is improving in other developed and developing countries but worsening in India. Without improved policies of road safety, the total number of road traffic deaths in India is likely to cross the mark of 250,000 by the year 2025. An urgent need of the hour is to recognize the critical situation in road deaths and injuries so that we can take appropriate policies. This project will closely determine what all factors affect the accidents on road in India which will help to reduce number of deaths. This analysis will help the law makers to understand the factors in reducing the number of road accidents which in turn will help in adopting better strategies.

A few factors have been recognized in this study which are the leading causes of road accidents which includes the behavior of the driver. A driver who is drunk and drives recklessly is more prone to meet an accidents than a driver who is driving in a sane manner. That being said, alcohol consumption should be avoided at all costs before and while driving any kind of motor vehicle. A state wise analysis is done showing which state suffer the maximum number of road accidents and which state, the least. A cause wise analysis has been done in this study in order to identify which is the leading cause of the road accidents in India as per the data.Smeed analyzed the relationship on a number of road fatalities with those of motor vehicles and the population. He took into account three variables which were death, motor vehicles and population. Anderson, on the other hand criticized Smeed’s equation and showed that it could not be applied to all the states. He came up with a new equation and the variables chosen were the same. Different models were developed for different states, depending on the data trends of the state. For some, Smeed’s equations gave correct results, for some Anderson’s. The author even predicted the number of accidents for the coming years 2007 and 2011. Since, it showed that the accidents were going to increase, few measures were provided by the author for the same.

What are the factors that contribute to road accidents? An assessment of law enforcement views, ordinary drivers’ opinions, and road accident records (Jonathan J. Rolisona, Shirley Regeva, Salissou Moutarib, Aidan Feeneyc)

This study was undertaken to determine the factors contributing to road accidents. According to the study, factors such as inexperience, lack of skill, and behavior of the driver, alcohol and eye-sight are the main reasons why road accidents take place.

In this study, information from police offers have been taken in order to take various factors into account. They were given hypothetical scenarios where they needed to answer the questionnaire. Factors such as drugs or alcohol, general driving ability, excessive speed, inexperience, distractions, road conditions, driver error, vehicle defects, weather, over confidence, fatigue, traffic, poor visibility, street lights, eye-sight, and medical conditions were found out to be top main concerns. The data of these factors was categorized for different demographic factors like age, gender, location etc. Cochran’s Q test was used to determine statistically significant factors for gender and age and Chi square test was used to determine statistically significant factors for location. Determinants of road traffic crash fatalities across Indian States. (Grimm, M. and Treibich, C, 2013)

This study aims at finding out the factors responsible for fatalities caused by road accidents in India. The socio-demographic factors such as income, population structure, motorization levels, types of roads and rules undertaken. A multivariate regression model is prepared using a panel data set covering 25 Indian states.

The growing urbanization, population (increase in the motor vehicles driving on the road) as well as the pedestrians, that is, people on foot and bikes, are the components of fatalities caused by road accidents in India. Among powerless street clients, ladies structure an especially high-chance gathering. Higher consumption per cop is related with a lower casualty rate.

Results suggest that India should focus on road infrastructure investments that allow the separation of vulnerable from other road users on improved road rule enforcement and should pay special attention to vulnerable female road users.

Objectives And Hypothesis


The main objective of this study is to-

  1. Identify which factors affect the road accidents in India
  2. Analyze the behavior of these factors at national and state level


The hypothesis of project is:

  1. The dependent variable, number of road accidents is correlated with the socio – economic variables taken as explanatory variables which are literacy rate, sex ratio, population density and per capita GDP.
  2. The dependent variable, number of road accidents is proportional to the registered motor vehicles in the state.
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