Transcendentalism in “Dead Poets Society”

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Transcendentalism is shown when Mr Keating teaches at Walton, the private school that the boys attend. The young men attend a very strict school and their teacher gives them a new perspective on everything. The sense of nature, and simplicity and individuality are presented in the Dead Poets Society and are all portrayed by Emerson and Thoreau's philosophies making the idea of transcendentalism clear.

Mr Keating, the English teacher tells all the young men to rip out the introduction of their books. This shows all of them that they have freedom Carpe Diem. Throughout the Dead Poets Society Mr Keating shows the boys not to rely on their professors and what other people think and to do everything in your own way and think for yourself. In the end of the movie it leads to the suicide of Neil Perry. Neil had been influenced by Mr. Keating's ideas. Keating made him realize that living your life isn't as bad as it was portrayed. That led Neil to join the play, he had found his passion but was pushed away from it by his father. Neil had given up because he knew his father would never understand him. He lost hope.

Charle Dalton was a rebel and was a great example of a transcendentalist because everyone should express their true selves. Dalton showed this in the movie by accepting the fact of being expelled. Dalton didn't let the rules of Walton mess up his individuality. He is also a romantic guy because he recited poems about love and tried to impress two girls.he wants the boys to call him Nuwanda. Charle is the jokester of the group. Charle had also stood up for Mr. Keating after Neil had died. He was a troublemaker but still kind and sensitive.

Todd Anderson had come to Walton as a very shy kid who kept everything to himself. He was afraid to read in front of the class but becomes a great poet because of Keating. If a man does not keep peace with his companions, perhaps it's because he hears a different drummer (Thoreau). At the end of the movie Todd stands on top of the desk. Emerson encourages us to get rid of social corruptions of our everyday life. The idea is that a community is formed around individuality and is an example of what transcendentalists build their lives upon. Todd lets go of the conformity and stands on the desk.

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