Transcendentalism – a Major Belief during the Early 1800s

Transcendentalism is the belief that men and women have a sense that is beyond what they can see, touch, or hear. Transcendentalists believe mostly in Individualism, Idealism, and Intuitive Thought.

Individualism is a major belief of Transcendentalism. Individualism is the belief that we should have the freedom to express our ideas and thoughts. Transcendentalists believe that the freedom of individuality is very important for one’s well being. The followers also believe that religion takes away the ability of self-reliance. Religion is full of rules and following what you’re told, which is what Transcendentalists are against. Conformity is also what they are against. Anything that takes away your right of freedom is not accepted by this group. Individualism is one of the major parts that Transcendentalists standby.

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Idealism is another very important belief. Idealism is the belief in staying positive. Idealistics believe in reaching a positive goal. They are not realists either. Realists see the negative, where Idealistics do not believe that negatives even exist. Transcendentalists believe that by showing a positive attitude, you can overcome any problem you may face. A positive attitude is the best medicine in their eyes. Idealism, and all that comes with it, is very important to the Transcendentalists.

Intuitive Thought is a belief of Transcendentalists that is based on your own mind. Intuitive Thought is knowledge through your instincts. Transcendentalists believe that you should always base knowledge off of your instincts. They also believe that rational thinking, is actually irrational. Trying to prove something with facts is unnecessary in their eyes, you should only rely on your intuition. Factual things are only second hand knowledge as well to Transcendentalists. They are not to be trusted. Intuitive Thought is the belief that you should only rely on your instincts.

Transcendentalists believe in many things, but mainly they believe in Idealism, Intuitive Thought, and Idealism. These three things are very important to them. Without them, Transcendentalism would mean something very different. Transcendentalism, and the beliefs of Intuitive Thought, Individuality, and Idealism, were a very key part of history during the early 1800s.

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