The Upside of Steroids

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When referring to steroids it's generally referring to anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids have been widely used for several years by professional and college football players, body builders and both male and female athletes in many Olympic sport countries throughout the world. Our body makes steroids naturally to support such functions as fighting stress and promoting growth and development. These are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of anabolic and androgenic hormones such as testosterone and are known mainly names including juice' and ?roids and someone who is using steroids can be said to be juicing (Postive Effects of Steroids). Professional athletes should be allowed to benefit from steroids because they are paid for their athletic ability. The playing field suddenly be even for all players, it would be at a higher level. Because when your on steroids it's going to help you to be able to perform better. And a big part of watching sports is witnessing the very peak of human athletic ability. The athletes get paid millions of dollars to play professionally such as Peyton Manning, QB ” $248.7 million or Tom Brady, QB ” $217.2 million in the NFL. That would have to be a lot of pressure to have to keep up with everyone expecting you to be the best all the time. I think steroids if used properly and observed by a medical professional would be beneficial for the athletes. Physicians could help these athletes with medical information and advice. Informed family physicians could establish a trust with their patients that would allow them to offer counsel and possibly discourage abuse. When using steroids it can be taken orally as a pill or powder or commonly via an injection which has certain advantages for the user. A positive effect of using steroids is that the person will experience greatly exaggerated benefits from their workouts and can inches on their biceps quickly. Other studies also prove steroids help increase overall body size. In one of the several tests, testosterone enanthate effects on healthy weight trainers was tested. The hormone increased body weight significantly, along with quadriceps and bicep circumference. The study also showed abdomen tightness increase. Athletes use gonadotropin which enhances the hormone that has an anabolic effect causing muscle mass and performance, Erythropoietin increases red blood cells and hemoglobin which can improve oxygen to muscles and increases endurance(Mayo Clinic) Diuretics change the balance of fluids salt decreasing weight. A site location can be used to inject the steroid directly into the particular muscle that the individual wants enlarged, allowing them to pick and choose their muscle distribution and aid in lagging muscles (Positive Effects of Steroids)''. They will experience increased physical performance in all sports and athletic pursuits and will also appear more physically imposing. Which is why athletes and civilians use them and there are other over the counter but they don't cause the almost immediate effects that steroids do. When used in small amounts steroids may also have certain health benefits and can be used to prevent swelling of organs such as kidneys as well as muscle wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy. Also anti aging, it helps bone to be recover from a break, it causes a higher level of testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone, it can help with many traits generally associated with maleness(Positive Effects of Steroids). This may be useful for someone who feels they are overly feminine. For example, steroids can increase facial and pubic hair it can deepen the voice and it can improve drive, ambition and focus (Positive Effects of Steroids). Just like those considered alpha males are those who have large amounts of testosterone, and so supplementing with anabolic steroids will help you to develop some of these traits. One other area that can be positively affected by steroids is sex drive it can increase arousal and sexual performance. This has appeal for those with a reduced sex drive or those who are getting older. Weight lifters want to gain weight to increase their size, there are no long term studies to prove that there is a danger to gaining weight faster. Some stimulants, used by athletes have reported that these improve endurance, suppressor. Your appetite reduces the feeling of fatigue and also can increase alertness. Most stimulants have caffeine and ephedrine. Drugs that are used to build a body are because of a competitive drive as well as personal goals. Another reason for the use of steroids can be used by taken by pills, injections and topical treatments. These enhancements can built more muscle mass and helps athletes recover injuries faster, athletes can work out harder causing more muscle growth. Another reported steroid effect is the positive influence on healing rate. There is a good collection of data talking about steroid usage by subjects suffering from injuries and burns. A recent research study showed oxandrolone testosterone's synthetic derivative increased muscle strength, improved lean mass, and restored weight in individuals with major thermal injuries (Anabolic steroids for athletes). Overall the rumors that steroids are just bad for you are not 100% accurate they can be bad if the steroids are being abused and taking at too high of doses. I do think professional athletes should be able to use steroids if used properly and if overseen by a doctor. Because it helps them to become the best that they can be and they need to be since they are in the spotlight and there career depends on it. But depending on who you talk to everyone has a different opinion, but the truth of the matter is that at the end of the day steroid use is illegal.
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