The Debate on Steroids

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Big muscles come with a big price? Throughout recent history steroids have been a big back and forth battle. When first introduced it was thought to be a miracle drug because of the incredible Hercules-like effect it had on the body, but as tests and experiments began taking place more people started becoming aware of the severe negatives which steroids caused. While there is an extensive amount of research and awareness about steroids’ harmful effects, it seems as though the positive effects are thrown out the window and ignored. Does steroid have a more beneficial or harmful impact, In this essay I will bring to light both the positive and negative effects that steroids possess. I will start by providing both the familiar and unfamiliar negative effects steroids have on the body. Most people are taught that steroids are bad and should be avoided. Explained how it causes superficial harm such as the formation of breast, higher hair growth and acne through the body, hair loss in the head, and the sagging of the muscles once steroid use has ended. The effects that less people are aware of are more internal such as damage which can consist of dyspnea (troubled breathing), thrombosis (blood clots in the ventricular system) and other heart muscle problems. This is shown in a case called “Large In-Transient Left Ventricular Thrombus Due to Anabolic Steroid-Induced Cardiomyopathy.” Where some writes about the patient battling diseases attacking his body which derived from steroid abuse. This case is important because it provides both credible information coming directly from a doctor, as well as a patient who should be relatively healthy but, because of steroid use in body building, is affected severely. AAS abuse can really mean life or death, and the big muscles really do come with a big price.

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“The Debate on Steroids”

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When steroids are introduced into the body, it enhances and boosts the production of testosterone, which causes the mass muscle and strength gain in the body. Now when this occurs the body becomes accustomed to the increased testosterone, so once steroids use ceases, the body having become dependent on the steroid, begins to turn fragile and weak. This is seen in a medical journal called “Testicular Morphology Of Albino Rat; Withdrawal Effects Of Chronic Androgenic Anabolic Steroid.”. This scientific journal was also more of a documentation of a procedure done to see the effects of anabolic steroid use. The same way it is shown on the rat, it affects humans. Excessive numbers of steroids in the body for long periods of time will cause this dependency and weight loss on it, ultimately being dangerous when taken off the drug. Now knowing all the bad about steroids, one would think why or what purpose would be convincing enough for someone to take such a risky drug. In the article “Adolescents and Anabolic Steroids: A Subject Review.”. The author elaborates on the history and start of steroid use, as well has which athletes were more likely to be suspects of this drug. It also goes onto explaining what the purposes of these anabolic steroids are. Many wrestlers, football players, baseball players, and cyclists are caught taking steroids. For the sport which demands a lot of their body and endurance, some seek an easier route by taking these illegal and banned substances by getting stronger and bigger taking them. Another group which is associated with taking these drugs is the body building and fitness oriented individuals. Trying to be the one with the most muscular and aesthetic body. Which is why so many adolescents strived to achieve this through steroids, gaining the desired look and body, but as well as the damaging side effects that come with it.

Although anabolic steroids have certain damaging effects and a negative stigma and reputation among fitness industries, they have shown to play a positive role in the medical viewpoint since it has proven to show positive results. Doctors and scientists have studied the effect that anabolic steroids have on certain clinical situations, for example having been shown to protecting the brain when drinking alcohol. The testosterones levels help create more of the cells that protect and fight off the effect of alcohol consumption. Those who had taken steroids were much slower to get drunk as well as showed less damage in results taken after drinking compared to those who didn’t take steroids. Steroids have also had a big role in rehabilitation of a sport injury. Its effect on muscle strength and growth significantly help speed and secure the rehabilitation of damaged or torn muscles and ligaments. Usually not being able to grow back to regular strength, with steroids they are able to come back better than ever. This has helped many athletes be able to come back and continue when possibility of return seemed bleak. Another medical benefit of steroids is its counter effect on diseases such as osteoporosis. Steroids known for muscle strength and increase also help the bone grow and stabilize when being damaged by bone diseases such as osteoporosis. All of these medical trials and more are shown in Schipper, David. “Saved by Steroids.”. The article brings steroids in a different light, showing the positive in many different cases of medical trials. The argument, as well as facts, are strong and show that there is more to anabolic steroids than just the surface level abuse they see.

This article works against the other negative sources because it highlights the positive effects rather than elaborating on the negative ones most people are already familiar with, this source is very helpful in showing and leveling both sides of the spectrum. While agreeing on the negative, also providing the opposite and the positive effects it provides. Yes, steroids are bad, it’s clear. But with moderation and careful consideration one must conclude that in some cases steroids can be very helpful and beneficial to one’s condition, in medical situations of course. While they are bad regardless in recreational use, there are ways to limit the damaging effects of steroids. Many athletes and body builders have a system of taking the drug called stacking. This is the use of steroids as well as other pro hormones and drugs which balance some of the effects. For example, some steroids may contain estrogen in them, the hormone that causes the breast formation and gyno, the imbalance of the hormones in the breast and nipple. In these situations, they’ll stack an estrogen blocker to reduce these side effects of steroids. Another example is taking liver support pills, because of the amount of hormones in steroids, it can be costly to ones liver, so body builders fight it by consuming a supportive diet as well as taking liver support pills.

All of these articles and information allow me to emphasis and argue on both sides of the situation, the good and the bad. People need to be more aware on their own rather than just knowing what their told and having a biased opinion of the topic. Highlighting the controversial situation of steroids, and showing the facts and data lets the reader form their own opinion and standpoint, and bringing to conclusion of whether the good may possibly outweigh the negative, or negative outweigh the bad.

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