The Topic White Privilege

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White privilege exists in our country till this day, whether or not you want to talk about it, there is an a issue to be justified for. America, the land of the free, is not so free when you are engaged with problematic situations and restrictions in life due to the judgment over one’s skin color. To better understand white privilege and how it contributes to racial bias and discrimination in the states, what is White privilege? The societal privilege that benefits people whom society identifies as white in some countries, beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. In simple terms, white privilege is defined as certain benefits that predominantly recognized white people get in society that people of color lack to be granted. Through thurow research of the topic, I have gathered information that will be applied to the film Get Out (2017) directed by Jordan Peele and the white privileges that are represented through the film.

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“The Topic White Privilege”

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White privilege serves to identify peo­ple by their appearance based on physical features, the article, “How WHITE PRIVILEGE Is Holding Back NH” goes to explain and elaborate on how white privilege is active and how it participates in livelihood of colored citizens. Many white people are uncomfortable talking about race, primar?­ily because they have the privilege of not having to do so if they don’t want to. And white privilege is a prickly term that often elicits a visceral response. No one wants to be viewed as not earning what they have. If we take a look around and take our time to actually look, you can clearly see all of the violence going around today because of discrimination of color, as an example, in American today, you can see the controversial videos of white cops shooting and killing innocent colored people. The backlash it has on the police is avidly obvious, but what is changing and what are the people doing to change it? This is why now is the time to engage in the and do what can be done to combat the harm it causes by contributing to racism, bias and discrimination. Discussing white privilege is recogniz?­ing that the false justification used to enslave people when this country was founded, that those with darker skin were inferior and those with lighter skin were superior. This thought process seeped deep?­ly into our society today, to the point that many whites are unaware that simply being white provides privileges, all while creating limitations to those of color.

White privilege means not fearing for your life when stopped by a police officer. White privilege means not being followed in a store when your shopping. White privilege means not having to worry about job opportunity because of your skin pigments. It’s not just about overt acts of racism, but being oblivious to the advantages white people receive, which are built into the seams of American culture.Racial disparities are driven and maintained by public and private sector policies that not only disadvantage communities of color but also over-advantage whites. According to the article Paying Attention to White Culture and Privilege: A Missing Link to Advancing Racial Equity, they believe that focusing on white culture and privilege is an often overlooked but critical component of effective racial equity change processes. One tool they explain about in the article to be very helpful, especially in acknowledging and supporting some of the emotions that naturally occur in racial equity work, is racial identity caucusing. The value of caucusing is so both white people and people of color have intentional space and time to focus on their respective work to dismantle racism and advance racial equity. Though there is often resistance to participating in explicit race-identified groups, these formations occur all the time though usually without intentionality or consciousness. One common resistance to caucusing by whites is, I don’t like to feel guilty. Though having that feeling is an opportunity to remember one’s humanity and commitment to justice. What caucus time does in part is ensure the feeling of guilt does not result in paralysis, but rather reflection and action. Caucus- ing can be an opportunity to transform the white space into a liberating space to build strengths, skills, and courage for white people to act purposefully toward racial equity. As Andrea Smith (2013) expresses in her blog post, The Problem with Privilege: There is no simple anti- oppression formula that we can follow; we are in a constant state of trial and error and radical experimentation.

The movie Get out, Jordan Peele’s new horror movie, Get Out isn’t just getting strong reviews it’s getting some of the best notices in recent years. His Horror film get out, strikes conservancies amongst racial debates but as well brings light onto the underlying issue of today society. The movie goes to give a horror-thriller for black audiences that delivers a critique of systemic racism. One issue that can be applied to one of the many messages being delivered through the film would have to be white Privilege. The movie goes to give many examples of how white privilege gave the white people in the movie an advantage over African-Americans. One example would be the encounter with the cop, The cop goes to be very kind with rose (chris girlfriend) but when encountered with chris, he begins being difficult asking for unnecessary documentations, but the wife goes to play the :white privileged card which gets them out of the situation, and on the road to her family house without questions being asked, just as she pleased. One more good example would be how the guest during the auction scene seemed to be without care as they bid over the commodity of chris’s body. They are carefree because of their white privilege, not having to fear due to the majority of their superior internal thinking.

In conclusion, i have researched many different articles to broaden my informational capacity of the topic white privilege.

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