The Sun Also Rises Setting

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It’s 1924 in the city of love and all around paris a new wave of nostalgia is hitting the streets. A wave of classical liberals missing the days when the streets were shining and beautiful is an image that many historians believe never existed. Among these nostalgic people there existed americans and english men who had been melted into the culture of romance, and taken in by the french who before that time had hated other nations such as theirs passionately. These are the days of which Ernest Hemingway describes in The Sun Also Rises The characters Hemingway describes are in love with Paris but long for the magic that was provided before it lost its romantic charm, a charm that was described as a scent that could only be smelled when in the company of tourists.

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“The Sun Also Rises Setting”

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Throughout the book the sun also rises there is a single speaking voice which is that of the narrator Jake, who is also the main character. The book is set in the first person and the technique is very strong; the writer Ernest Hemingway did beautifully in the way of structure. The book jumps right into introductions including that of Jake’s friend Robert Cohn and the woman he is in love with, Brett or Lady Ashley. Jake is from Kansas City in the United States and Brett is a Brit; the reason her name is Lady Ashley is because she has a title (the backstory on this is unclear). Robert Cohn is also an American and is a featherweight boxing champion. Brett and Jake’s relationship serves as an example for who Jake is. He is easily love sick and hates commercialism. Jake is, in today’s words an intellectual. Early on in the book Jake promises his good friend Bill a fishing trip to Spain which then turns into a fishing trip and running of the bulls attendance.

According to Jake he has always wanted to see the running of the bulls and he uses words not found to have been spoken by him at any other point in the book, words like spectacular and perfect. Jake is a very cynical person, so to see him be so joyous after seeing him sigh over things like love is amazing. The running of the bulls is an event which is a festival in Pamplona Spain during the summertime. It is an event in which the people participating run down a small sectioned off city street with anywhere between 5 and 15 bulls stampeding towards them. It is supposedly one of the most beautiful times of year in spain and it is recommended by many as a must see.

In the sun also rises, Bill and Jake’s journey makes its way from Paris to the northern corner of Spain to pamplona for the running of the bulls. Thousands of people flock the streets to see the running of the bulls and thousands will be left with a memory not soon forgotten. The sun also rises is fiction when it comes to names, but the picture provided is hemingway is his exact memory of pamplona during the running of the bulls. The title of the sun also rises is based off of a verse in the bible which is Ecclesiastes 1:5-11 The sun also rises, and the sun goes down, And hastens to the place where it arose.

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