Facts on the Sun Also Rises and Religion

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Outline for Sun also rises oral The festival v The festival of san fermin was originally created as a religious festival but over time the circumstances have changed and it has become more about drinking and staying up all night. v Jake is much like the festival where he was once more Christian but over time his priorities have changed. Expatriots v Brett and jake are so far away from God and Christianity because their involvement in the war made it hard for them to view the world as a pure Christian place. Most expatriates were not religious at all and seriously lacked hope and faith v The lost generation really had no direction as to where to turn to when the war ended, unfortunately they turned more to sex and alcohol rather than religion because they felt it worked faster. v Both jake and brett are scarred from the war, both have lost the capability to love in a way, jake cannot physically be with a woman and brett lost the love of her life.

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“Facts on the Sun Also Rises and Religion”

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Both are, in a way, bitter and take instead of turning to religion they turn away from it and drink v They have so much drama in their lives that they again turn away from religion to alcohol to escape reality Brett v Brett is emotionally wounded since her love died, she turned to sex and alcohol instead of religion to heal her much like other expatriots of her time v Brett knows that she is not worthy to call herself a good Christian that’s why in chapter 18 she says “I’m damned bad for a religious atmosphere.

I’ve the wrong type of face. ” v Brett doesn’t believe that prayer works as well at getting her what she wants as much as sex, alcohol and her good looks do that is why she says “Never does me any good. I’ve never gotten anything I prayed for”. v She is viewed as an impure person, and it is touched upon in chapter 15 when she is denied entrance into the cathedral.

Even though she is only denied for not wearing a hat it is symbolism for her questionable morals. v She doesn’t really believe that God exists because everything in her life has not worked out perfectly much like everybody else’s v Brett does not call upon God because she is so used to every man giving her exactly what she wants and God simply does not succumb to her wishes v Brett uses her beauty as a crutch instead of god She is so beautiful that she gets everything that she wants which takes away from the essencial need for religion v The only good deed that brett has done in her life is giving up pedro romero so he can continue on with his life and not throw it all away for her v In the end of the book when she decided to free pedro romero she stated; “You know it makes one feel rather good deciding not to be a bitch. It’s sort of what we have instead God. He never worked very well with me. ” v With this action she actually thought of another person besides herself

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