The Solution to World Poverty

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In addition to the struggle and suffering the Americans face due to poverty, and the right to spend their hard-earned money, another factor that Singer did not consider is how the economy depends on the Americans expenses, so if people don't spend money on expenses, the economy will crash. In his essay, the author is convincing people not to spend money on the not so essential items in everyday life. The idea he has to end poverty is to have the developed nations save money in order to donate to the less fortunate. He describes the bad habits that most Americans have like going frequently to restaurants, buying new clothes, or doing activities that require spending extra money as a few examples of how people spend their income on things that are considered necessities to them.

However the issue comes to light when attempting to execute or enforce this solution when there is an unknown borderline between a luxury and necessity and to how it is decided. One example is a television set, if it is considered a luxury, there is a possibility that many television manufacturers can go out of business. A large percentage of these companies and factories are dedicated to manufacturing luxurious items, however, if people no longer continue to buy these items and donate it all to the poor, this would cost the factories its workers' jobs that, therefore, create a cynical effect and can intensify the already global issue of world poverty. If people follow these criteria, the economy will not sustain itself and will probably crash. So in order to circulate money, the supply and demand need to be carefully incorporated because as demand increases for the products, more supply is generated, therefore more people will need work to reach the equilibrium. This will push the economy to create more jobs, can lower unemployment and allows the financial institution to operate efficiently. So when the economy is moving forward, everybody would have jobs, and more jobs will be in demand, more people will have the power to help.

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