Poverty in the Philippines

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Poverty is the lack of basic needs in life like food, water, clothing, and shelter. It is one of the problems of our society, our country rather. People experience poverty because of many reasons and it leads in affecting many things.

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“Poverty in the Philippines”

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There are major causes why poverty is happening to our country. Having an irresponsible leaders or officials of government is one of the reasons of this problem. The issue, graft and corruption, takes place because after many years, still, there are officials who use their position and power in getting money from the funds and use it for their self-interests instead of using it in providing the needs of the citizens and for our country. However, it is not always the fault of our government, citizens have also mistake. It is what we call overpopulation. It’s a cause of poverty because some couple or families are not having a proper family plan and nowadays, pregnancy happens at an early age that adds up to our population. The funds will not be enough to all of us that’s why some people will not be given the things that they need. Another reason that leads to poverty is the lack of opportunities for the people to work and have a higher salary.

A large amount of our population doesn’t have a chance to work because there are limits and high standards to be employed. These days, applicants must be graduated college and have experiences to be accepted in jobs. When they are not employed, they do simple jobs that are not enough to get a high salary to provide their personal needs. Lastly, climate change is also part of the causes of poverty. For me, it doesn’t affect all of the jobs but because there are so many hardworking farmers here in the Philippines that work for their family, climate change is a big problem for them. When dry season arrives, farmers are having a hard time growing their crops because their crops need enough amount of water to grow. When this happens, they will not produce products and will not earn money that they will use to buy the needed things of their family that will add to their problems in farming.

Poverty is more than just a missing coin. It will affect not only the citizens but our whole country. In general, Filipinos will have a hard time surviving in such difficult conditions of life. Also, many will get sick because of extreme hunger, will not have enough energy to work and will not earn enough money. When these things happen, the growth our economy and development our country will be slow.

All of us wants to have a prosperous life that’s why we need to prevent poverty. We should always have a plan in every decision that we will take especially in having a family. Also, if you become a leader, you should be a good example to everyone around you. You must think of others’ needs also not only yourself. Our country needs to have more opportunities in having jobs and we need also to support pay equity so workers will have fair amount of salary.

Therefore, we will be able to learn that poverty is one of the issues in the world that needs to be solve quickly. Poverty refers to the condition of not having enough basic needs for us to live longer. It is a deadly issue that’s slowly killing our population that we, as the affected ones, need to take actions and make solutions against it.

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