The Rising of Minimum Wages Reduce Poverty

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In the work done by all the people in the world, generally if their wages increase it means there will be reduced need in their live since their salaries cater for their needs in their live. This paper is going to highlight the importance on the wage increase on the society. This is the society issue that is in the argument papers argument As proposed by the democrats in the two thousand and fourteen that the increment of the wages to a minimum of ten point one dollars an hour would reduce the people number who are living in the poverty by a large number of about four point six million. This would also improve the income for those at ten percentile that is by one thousand and seven hundred dollars. That is then a significant improvement of the life in the quality that does not have the need for the government to increase the tax in any way. The policy makes up the argument that there is nowhere the government has to use the administrative policy. It is self-enforcing without the administrative cost. The study on the increasing wage results that there would be at least a standardized change in the lives of low class people. There has been an argument in previous years by different people that the same shows the increase in the standards of the lives for those that living in the low class. The relationship between the previous studies and the current one both reflect an improvement on the life. In conclusion, the mean in the study reflect the minimum wage increase would improve not even the lives’ standards of only the poor but there would be an
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