The Pros of Social Media as Learning Tool

Social media refers to the modes of interactions and exchange information, ideas in virtual communities and network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube and Video has become the platforms for the virtual social lives created by people over the internet.

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“The Pros of Social Media as Learning Tool”

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It paves way for the learner centered education. There are specific social media sites aimed at education, such sites are safe because they are restricted to individuals seeking to learn a particular topic and educators to closely monitor interactions. Discussions and brain storming are integral part of learning and social media offers the best virtual platform for constructive discussions. It helps in creating a common room for sharing and processing information among students and staffs. Learning management systems such as Moodle (currently used for our study at University of Pasadena)and Blackboard are being increasingly used by educators to distribute lecture notes, to serve as a portal for group and individual assignments and as a chat forum for discussions and doubts.

The pros of social media as learning tool:

1. It is familiar and comfortable to use

2. Easy to research information online and less expensive and affordable.

3. By using these platforms we gain knowledge and skills are improved.

4. Endless range of resources right from the personal info of a public figure up to learning new languages be the linguistic or programming are easily available.

5. If done through a controlled environment with frequent interaction of educators and learners, this enhances the communication skills.

6. It has the potential to approach to varied learning styles like kinetic, audio or visual learning.

7. Provides a platform to the shy and slow learners to actively participate on the online mode.

8. It benefits people to get connected and share information throughout the world.

The pros of social media as learning tool:

1. Without a proper supervision and control of youngsters there is a high chance of distraction to unwanted sites.

2. Cyber bullying is rampant on social networks, and it is something teachers need to be aware of and closely monitor the kids with.

3. Impact on social skills that children need to learn. Lack of face-to-face interaction.

4. There are constant changes , updates in security settings — of which schools and teachers must keep up to date.

5. High risk of malware infections are breeded by the social networks to lure the children and adults to exchange personal information

6. Possibility of inappropriate content sharing among learners and others.

7. Over exposure to Social Media has an adverse effect on the behavior, growth and self esteem of a learner

8. Uncontrolled usage has a effect on the child’s health condition.


In today’s era of technology, Social media has a vital role as a learning tool. If the pros and cons are understood perfectly well and used wisely social media has a better impact over an individual. Risks and crimes on Social Media arises day to day. It is in the hands of the user or individual or parents and teachers, social media to become a learning tool effectively. 

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