The Neolithic Revolution – Turning Point

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The Neolithic revolution changed the economy from hunters and gathers to agriculturalists. Because of this huge change, the early humans decided to move. In fact,that is exactly what early humans did, they moved near a water source and started to farm and create their own cultures. This Neolithic advancement started from nothing into something after Homo Sapiens Sapiens changed their way of life. They started to farm and grow differentthings such as wheat and rice. Homo Sapiens Sapiens domesticated plants and even animals. The reason Homo sapiens sapiens lasted so long is because of geography.After a long period of time, farming had really increased the Homo Sapiens Sapiens foodsupply, their population, and thecreation of new technologies. Growing crops on a regular basis helped create more permanentsettlement which appeared in many parts of the world for example in Mesoamerica. Domesticated animals provided a steady source of meat and milk. After having an extra amount of food,some villagers did not need to help farm. This was the start of a traditional economy. Some workers became artisans, traded with people then brought it into the city tobarter. The Neolithic revolution had many effects one of which was on the relationships between men and women. The men became more active in farming and herding animals. Thewomen used to go with the husbands, however, now the women stayed

Men and women used to be equal. Because ofthe new technology advancements, artisansbecame more skilled, and they started to create new things such as a flint blade.From the end of the Neolithic Age to the start of a new life,you hadcultures developing to civilizations. The start of cultures became more and more complex because when humans started to live in more permanent villages, they gradually shifted into a new form of society. To be considered a civilization,you had to have six things:cities, government, religion, social structure, writing, and art. Governments organizedthe human activity,andthey providedconstant interactions between people and groups. Governments were usually led by monarchs. Important religion development also had a role in how civilizations were led and how the rulers would rule. A social structure was based oneconomic power. Rulers and priests were at the top while below was mostly made up of free humans and lastly at the bottom was slaves and peasants. The civilizations soon developed a form of writing, called cuneiform and hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics is a form of writing using symbols or pictures, cuneiform iswritten on clay tablets. The civilizations that were a part of Mesopotamia was a period where human society grew.Geography had a huge impact on the way Mesopotamians lived. For, one Mesopotamians first moved near a water source, so that they could still grow crops because of the fertile soil. The Mesopotamians moved to the Fertile Crescentwhich was their main source of water. It helped them progress their farming. The Fertile Crescent extendedin an arc from the Mediterranean Sea into a whole bunch of other rivers. The frequent flooding replenished the earth with alluvium which is a mixture of sand, gravel, clay, and silt that adds to the fertility of

This is the main reason Mesopotamia grew so much in population. Because of the steady food supply, more people started to survivelonger. Mesopotamia is a civilization thatarcheologistshave studied. Theyfound many different artifacts about Mesopotamia and how it developed. Mesopotamia was a home for many early humans and is a part of the reason why we have some of the things we do.

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