Turning my Life Around

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Mr. Jimenez ENG 102 12 September 2010 Turning My Life Around I have come across many times in my past where I have failed to make the right decision. I knew right from wrong and didn’t intend on making the wrong choice, but somehow I managed to mess my whole life in an instant. This is one time I think I finally made the right choice when dealing with my life. It was going to be a long and hard battle for me to overcome, but I knew that if I put my brain to good use instead of letting it go to waste that I would get a lot further in life than I had got doing the things that I was doing.

Re-enrolling into college was the best decision in my life that I have made, which has turned my life around. Losing my daughter, wanting to resolve conflicts between my mother and I, and desperately wanting to quit my drug addiction were just some of the reasons why doing this was a good thing for me to do. One reason it was the best decision to go back to school is because it helped give me a reason to want to quit doing drugs. Drugs are a bad decision. Either way you look at using drugs they have bad results in the end.

Problems within the family usually of these end results from the drug usage. Another reason that continuing my education is that there were issues between me and my mother also a result of my drug issue. All we did was argue and fight all of the time. It was starting to get harder and harder to communicate with my mom. Then, when CYFD took my daughter from me things really got bad for me. Then, on May of 2009 CYFD took my little girl. They took custody of my nine year old daughter Marissa. Just the look on my baby’s face was enough for any man or woman to grow weak in the knees.

It hurt me so bad to see how all of this had affected her life, which made me realize why choosing college was the best thing in my life for me to do. Re-enrolling into college was the best decision in my life that I have made. I had made a lot of wrong decisions in my life and didn’t want to continue this hard life that I was living and do what was best for my daughter. This is where it was up to me to stop making bad choices and to think like an adult and to be a responsible parent like I should have in the first place. I shouldn’t have let situations in my life get to this point, but I’m only human and humans make mistakes.

I had been through a lot of hardships making life harder, putting my daughter through most of them. I was hurting a lot of people and myself in the process. I wanted to make things right with everyone. What was it going to take to make me stop and realize just how bad I was hurting myself and other people by doing what I was doing? I knew it was going to be harder for me to do due to the fact that I was getting older and had wasted a good portion of my life away on drugs, but was willing to do it anyway. School was an option that was open for me, luckily I had one last chance to receive financial aid and I decided to finally go for it.

Taking responsibility for my actions is the best possible thing I could have done for myself and now that I am a full time student I feel so much better about myself. I now have the confidence to take life as it comes. College is showing me just how much of a better person I can be and it feels great. I may have made bad choices in the past and have learned from my mistakes, but now I think I finally made the best decision I could ever have made and have been attending college since. Now I can do what I have to do to get my daughter back and to have a normal life like I’m supposed to with a happy ending.

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