The Munich Putsch

In this essay I’m going to talk about Hitler’s Rise to Power. The Munich Putsch was the start of it all. The Munich Putsch was the beginning of Adolf Hitler Journey to power. His Journey to Power is one of the most important in the History of World Wars.

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“The Munich Putsch”

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The Minch Putsch was a rebellion against the Weimar Republic in Hitler’s hometown Munich. He wasn’t that big of a public figure at the time but he had supporters. He disliked the Weimar republic and most people of Munich felt the same way. And after losing World War 1 and being injured, Hitler was frustrated. He announced that he will try and overthrow the Weimar republic. He was inspired by Benito Mussolini the Italian dictator. During his trial he gained more supporters. As aa result of his trial he was out of prison before the end of the year. HE was sentenced to 5 years and only served 9 months. In Prison he wrote the first volume of his book “ Mein Kampf ”, he used this as propaganda. The Munich Putsch was a failure , with 16 Nazis killed, Ludendorff being arrested, and Hitler being captured. It was used to cease street hooligans and to spread Nazi propaganda and organizing demonstrations against Jews and Communist

In 1923, After the two-day event , Munich Putsch, he was sentenced to 5 years, he should’ve been sentenced to death for treason. If he was executed then millions upon millions wouldn’t be killed. It was significant cause he effected more people as he grew. After Germany lost WWII it effected Germany as a whole. They economically failed, it was a lot of damage being done during the War. In 1923, the Nazi Party had 55,000 members and was the strongest it had ever been. The Munich putsch wasn’t as important as it is now or in 1939, because he wasn’t as popular, but it’s the thing that made him public. His trial after the Munich Putsch is what really start off his career.

In 1933, It was significant to his supporters, because this was one of his biggest steps. After the trial and he gained some supporters, he journeyed to become Chancellor. In 1933 He became Chancellor and he gained more supporters. How he had created an image for himself. He had decide some major decisions. In July of 1932 T=the Nazis became the largest party with 230 seats. In December 1933 Von Papen resigned. President Hindenburg was going to appoint Kurt Von Schleicher as chancellor. HE tried to split the Nazis up, he asked a Nazi leader Strasser to be his vice Chancellor, but Hitler forced him to decline. They appointed Hitler as chancellor and Von Papen as chancellor. The thought they could control hi and get him to do what they wanted.

In 1939, 6 years after Hitler became chancellor. He lead his country to a devastating defeat in WWII. He masterminded the holocaust, the systematic, state-sponsored murder of 6 million European Jew. And an estimated 4-6 million non-Jews. The NSDAP was the highest in Political Parties in the Reichstag from 1932-1939.

The Great depression had a big part in Adolf Hitler rise to the throne. The Weimar Republic was a crisis due to Hyperinflation. Germany was already suffering from high inflation due to the damages and payments of reparations that had to be paid of the war. To pay the striking workers the government printed more money , and due to this flood of money, hyperinflation was the consequence. During the hyperinflation crisis in 1923, Hitler saw an opportunity. During the Great depression the German Workers’ Party grew from 2,000 to 20,000 by the time of the Munich Putsch. The price of a loaf of bread was 250 marks in January 1923 and it rose to 200,000 million marks in November 1923. 

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