The Modernization of Society Influences the Constantly Evolving Problem of Global Pollution

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 Radioactive pollution is not as common as other pollution but it is very harmful to the environment and people. There are many ways radioactive pollution is formed by humans form inventions we have made. Radioactive pollution is used in many things that are harmful. When radioactive pollution is being caused it could harm people or the environment, which could lead to death or cancer. We breathe in radiation every day but it is not harmful because it’s such a small level of radiation.

There are some radiations that can’t reach us such as cosmic radiation which is in space, but when you're flying in airplane radiation is increasing because you're getting closer to space. Nuclear waste is a liquid substance, when it escapes its canister it kills the environment near it for example if the smallest bit gets on grass some of the grass dies. If an animal gets near it in the environment they could die but if the animal is outside and there is a wall and the nuclear waste is inside the animal is most likely not to get harmed.

We make bombs that have radiation in them that when they blow-up the radiation is carried by the blast wave. Even if the area that got bombed you might still get to live there if you're house didn’t get bombed you can’t live there anymore because of the radiation, neathere can the animals. Since 1945-2017 we have dropped 2,073 bomb tests, keep in mind those are only the tests. If you counted the amount of bombs dropped in war world one there would be way more bombs that were dropped on buildings and people.

We used mountains to store nuclear waste and the nuclear waste we made and that we put in the mountains killed the mountains grass and trees. We build these super harmful weapons that harm people and animals. Bombs are used for one thing but do more than one thing to the environment and people. When bombs blow up this blast wave which is a wave of air that was made when the force of the bomb blows up sends out, but it brings radiation with it which can travel super far.

That radiation travels to homes that were far away from the explosion, so the environment that is miles away gets affected from the blastwave carrying the radiation with it.Pollution around the world has to stop, because it is used for harmful thing such as bombs, and its caused by many thing like nuclear waste. Even how it is so uncommon its is devastating to the world, people, and animals.

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