The Managed Health Company

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As a company that majors in the provision of health care services, managed care has achieved the ability to expand its reach throughout all the corners of the United States. This has happened during the ten years prior to the current date. It started with a sole purpose of ensuring that the costs of the services being offered were cheap and affordable, fast and easy access in order to boost quick response by the team involved in service delivery as well as ensuring that the quality of the services being produced was high. As early as the 1800s, one of the systems involving manage care service delivery was launched. It was established in order to carry out its activities as services of prepaid health, which were to be administered by the employers for those who were migrating into the United States so as to search for job opportunities.

HMO Legislation

Those who were at the front of managed care that was already modernized, group practice that was mainly prepaid were reduced almost to nothing by the development of service fee that was meant to carter for medicine under an insurance that was already indemnified at the period of the post World War two and it faced great stunting by organized medicine responses which were at an early time. HMO legislation in the time of the 1970s were greatly altered by the reforms upon health care early years, which was during the time of the 1960s. This generated a boost in the growth of HMO enrollment thereby forcing an acceleration as well in the period of the 1980s. Health reform whose standard gauge is the market has prompted the rise of the delivery of health care to the manage care version that is of the modern day. Within such a system, health care is administered by a small quantity of providers who are contracted at rates of reimbursement which are greatly minimized.

Managed Care Organization

Patients get directed to such contracted providers, and the decision generating of these providers on the other hand get influenced by the managed care organization (MCOs) using incentives that are financial and quality programs of assurance. An overall philosophy of care is shared by the MCOs. This is that the company is able to reward appropriateness as well as necessity. Over the period of ten years that prior the current date, a great variety of buildings and structures under the ownership of managed care, strategies as well as techniques have expansion and development. A certain level of threat is felt by producers as well as patients during the time of social movement in American medicine. During the falling that took place in 1995, as it is also described in an article in Health Care Financial Management, two PHO's were greatly challenged by the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. This was so as to carry out negotiations upon rates of the hospital members. They however did not share any risk of finance within the members.

A brief description is given upon the statements that provide a shield to the health care. This is of two forms of integration which are among providers of health care that would lead to the fact that efficiencies are generated.? A total of all the forms that lay out integration operate in large part by establishing dependencies among within that carry out production benefits through mutual cooperation in between the boundaries of the providers.

In conclusion, the main general significance of risk sharing financial within the financial sector, of course, is that it leads to the creation of an incentive for all the current providers to be fully attentive in order to efficiently provide the services, and it also brings encouragement to the creation of techniques that could help promote efficiency among providers who are elsewhere but still within the network. The statements of Health Care bring provision of some examples of arrangements that share risks and therefore there is no limitation in the kinds of arrangements anyone chooses to put into consideration.

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