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The VA Healthcare System: Is It Really a Model for Single-payer Health Insurance in the U.S.?

Alexandria Watson

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

HCAD 5312

The VA Healthcare System: Is It Really a Model for Single-payer Health Insurance in the U.S.?

A single-payer health insurance system is one in which there is one primary payer. A single-payer system is also called a national system because the primary payer is the government. A government agency pays providers in this system. In the United States, the single-payer system exists alongside private health insurance options.

The Veterans Administration (VA) Health Care System is a single-payer program in the U.S. In recent times, keeping the Affordable Care Act (ACA) versus adopting a nationalized health care system has been discussed. As the VA is currently an example of a single-payer system in the United States (Medicare is another (Stark, 2017)), it makes sense to use it as a reference in these discussions. If it is used as a reference, it must be determined whether the VA is a model for a larger single-payer system. There are arguments in support of this idea, which claim that the VA has spearheaded advances in medical technology (“The VA”, n.d.). There are arguments in opposition to this idea, which claim that the VA is inefficient and has longer wait times (Stark, 2017).

In light of the opposing views, both viewpoints will be discussed along with current affairs and controversies relating to the VA as a single-payer system. Based on the collected evidence, public policy will be suggested with contingencies for future evidence that needs to be collected. Finally, a conclusion will be made as to whether the VA can truly be considered a model for single-payer health insurance in the U.S.

First, some criteria need to be set. The criteria to be used to determine if the VA is a model for single-payer health insurance is the Triple Aim developed by Berwick, Nolan, and Whittington. The Triple Aim is a set of interdependent goals for improving health care (Berwick, et. al, 2008). The three aspects of Triple Aim are improving the quality of care, improving population health, and reducing the cost of care. The population that is being used as the sample for this discussion are those currently insured by the VA. Each of these criteria will be discussed with evidence in support of the VA as a model for a single-payer system, as well as evidence in opposition to the VA as a single-payer system.

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