McCandless’ Desires in into the Wild

Jon Krakauer wrote a book called Into the Wild.The book is about a man named Christopher McCandless who leaves everything in his life behind and wants to start fresh his name changes from Chris McCandless to Alexander Supertramp. He decided to find his way into the wilderness located in Alaska. Many ask why did he go alone into the wild? What was the reason for him to do so and did he find it before dying? What the readers don’t know is that he did but Krakauer put it in his own way by mixing it up instead of putting it in order like every other author. Chris went out into the wild because he wanted to be independence from his parents, he also wanted peace, and last but not least a break from society.Many people who have read the book think McCandless was crazy and stupid for going out alone while others thought of him as an inspiration for what he did.

Chris wanted independence from his parents because he was raised in a upper middle-class. Ever since he was a kid he’s been in love with nature. Chris had a sister who he was really close to named Carine, she was the last person chris lost touch with on his journey to Alaska. He has six half-brothers. His father had two families. That was the secret chris was not suppose to find out about and that led to him going to Alaska. Chris left to the wilderness after graduating college at Emory University in Atlanta. Chris had more than twenty-four thousand dollars and his parents thought he would have paid for law school with it but instead donated it to charity and burned the rest in his wallet. He then abandoned his favorite car and started to hitchhike with a pound of rice,clothing,and a sleeping bag.

Chris McCandless wanted peace. His parents would always be fighting no matter what was going on their was fighting involved. His father was abusive to his mother. Every Time something was going on between them she would yell Kids look what your father is doing to me! Look!(return to the wild film). Chris
Chris wanted a break from society and it’s cruel doings. After ditching his 1982 Datsun B210 he started to hitchhike rides. The first person he met was a man named Jim Gallien. Meeting this new person chris gave him his new name which was Alex. After Jim dropped him off at Denali Park he gave alex some old work boots. Alex first declined the boots but then soon accepted them.

People fought about everything that McCandless did in the wild. They fought about him being an inspiration or being an idiot. People and some alaskans fought over if he actually killed a moose or a caribou but it did end up being a moose in the end. It’s as if they didn’t actually pay attention to the story Krakauer was trying to tell us and only focused on the parts on what McCandless did and didn’t do. Many enjoyed his creativeness others thought he was just some stupid rich kid.

To sum up Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless was an inspiration to many people. In other people’s eyes he was stupid for what he did. All McCandless wanted was to be independent from his parents, peace, and last but least a break from society and it’s torturous ways. In the end the reader should get that McCandless wasn’t afraid to live a life that nobody even his own family could understand.

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