Protagonist and Antagonist in “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

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The protagonist of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll. I believe Dr. Jekyll is the protagonist because he is the main person that has been causing all the violence and misery in the story by creating the serum that creates his counterpart Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll is more of a kind hearted and polite person. Jekyll will attend dinners and parties with high professionals. Jekyll is a doctor who is friends with many other fellow doctors; Jekyll is more specifically a physician and one of his many friends just so happens to be a physician too Mr. Gabriel John Utterson.

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“Protagonist and Antagonist in “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde””

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I believe the antagonist of the story is Mr.Hyde. Although Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are technically the same person Hyde represents everything that Jekyll is not as a person. Mr. Hyde is mean and very violent person that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Hyde was created by Jekyll to be able to become someone different other than his normal polite self. Mr. Hyde is a more evil and dark side to Dr. Jekyll.

Plot summary

On a walk the lawyer Mr. Utterson listens to his great friend Enfield tell a very violent story. The story is about a man named Mr. Hyde who brutally beat and killed a very young girl, Hyde disappeared in a door on the street near him and returns as a young gentleman with a check to paynthengirls parents off. Utterson don’t believe the story he just heard; Enfield doesn’t even believe,the story he had just told. Therefor the gentlemen agree to not speak of the story ever again. Utterson later notices that one of his clients and close friend has just wrote a new will stating that all of his property and belongings will go to this Mr. Hyde he had just heard of. Very soon Utterson starts having these recurring nightmares about a man haunting the streets of what it seems like to be London.

Confused and very intrigued Utterson decides to give Dr. Jekyll a visit along with his acquaintance Dr. Lanyon. Layon admits that he doesn’t really see Jekyll anymore because they got into a argument over Jekyll’s work. Utterson decides to take things into his own hands and he goes to the place where Enfield said Hyde entered. Utterson is surprised when he finds out that the door that Hyde had entered just so happened to be a lab hooked up to the back of Jekyll’s house. Then Suddenly Utterson runs into Hyde and is very shocked by how ugly and unattractive Hyde is. Hyde soon with no argument gives up the address where Jekyll is. Dr. Jekyll very soon tells Dr. Utterson that he has no business messing with Hyde and he should stay away from him.

Roughly one year passes and a girl watches Mr. Hyde very brutally beat down and kill a elderly man named Sir Danvers Carew. The polices very soon contact Utterson about the murder because Danvers was one of his clients. Utterson tells the police that be suspects that Hyde was the murderer. Utterson soon lead the police to the laboratory where he encountered Hyde. The weather that morning had been covered in a immense amount of dark fog. When the police and Utterson arrive and notice that Hyde is nowhere around. Utterson soon personally visits Jekyll after the police has gone and Jekyll states that he has is no longer associating with Hyde. Jekyll shows Utterson a note written by Hyde stating that he is is sorry for everything he has caused and is leaving; Utterson takes the note and leaves. Later that day one of Utterson’s clerks points out that Hyde and Jekyll’s handwriting is very similar.

A few months go by and Jekyll’s acts like himself again; he is being nice, kind, and finally accepting visitors again. But then very soon Jekyll goes back to his old ways by not accepting visitors. Very soon Lanyon passes away but before he passes he gives Utterson a lettercand says not to open it until Jekyll has passed away too. Later on, Utterson and Enfield are going on a normal walk they do, and they approach Jekyll at his window, and they all being to converse until Jekyll gets this ghostly like look on his face and slams the windows shut.

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