The Lady or the Tiger

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“In the very olden time there lived a semi barbaric king”pg1 which used a strange unfair tactic that used chance instead of fact. He used this to choose innocence or guilt in the story “The lady or the tiger” by Frank R. Stockton. At the end of the story the door the man choose was the door with the tiger. The princess choose that door because she was jealous that she couldn't have him so she decided to kill him. I expect this is what happened since the princess couldn't have her love. I believe the tiger came out of the door because she did not want anyone else to marry her love but her. When someone was innocent they immediately married the lady that comes through the doors even if no attraction between the to or other women involved.

“If innocent he was rewarded on the spot, whether he liked it or not” pg1the princess even stated she didn't like the woman behind the wall if she was even in there so why would she let her love marry her. The man was the most handsomest of the kingdom so was the lady they were perfect so the princess was jealous and didn't let them marry. In some way I figure the choices were rigged and that both doors were in front of murderous beasts because of the anger the king had. “Never before had a subject dare to love his daughter”pg2 the king found there affair and was furious he most likely rigged the choices to scare everyone in the arena.

This could've been a tactic he used to scare everyone in the arena and show why not to love his daughter and then again he was barbaric. The man was immediately sent to prison and non hesitate to be send to the kings arena the king definitely had forced his punishment into death. The king choose the fearest of beasts the biggest and scariest of all in the cage since he felt disrespected. The princess hated the woman her lover is supposed to marry with all her blood.

“The intensity of savage blood transmitted to her through long lines of wholly barbaric ancestors” pg 3 she didn't want to see the two together. When her love turned to her she gave a signal and after she was pale while looking at her love. She gave no reaction just blank white while the whole crowd was amazed at the cite of cerin death. This information shows me how the princess couldn't allow her love marry the only women she hated. Choices are fair or just some have already known consequences.

Others have consequences that just follow the certain action. No matter what both sides we all have to take our consequences and not regret the past. Choices always have consequences good or bad.

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