The Importance of Law Enforcement Leadership

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Leadership is extremely important in law enforcement due to the safety of the officers or deputies. Officer safety should be the number one priority if you are an officer. Officers or Deputies duties are high-risk and dynamic. Officers face the most extreme, dangerous, terrifying situations. Leaders should direct through developing and often dangerous circumstances. Leaders need to become familiar to dangerous situations, so they can plan, lead, and teach the group of officers how to deal with these kinds of situations.

Officers need to live their values. Defining one's values is important for an effective leader. Treating others with a high level of respect is important and can make their confidence level rise. To be an effective leader, you should develop superior behavior. You need to also develop service orientation. Integrity is crucial, you need to be able to to own up to the mistakes you have made and you need to admit if you did something wrong, in other words you need to be trusted . Leaders who act with integrity and treat people well help maximize the contributions of their employees and build goodwill for their organization. Doing your job with the highest level of excellence is important to be an effective leader. Fairness is also important. It is important to set the right example and not only with your behavior but also with your actions and you need to have self-control. You want to take care of any performance issues quickly in order to show that you don't let problems affect your team, you try you hardest to get the problem solved in a timely manner. You need to a leadership skill to make sure everyone on your team is going in the same direction and working towards the same goal. Good leadership can and will challenge the team to be innovative and better their skills. One important thing also is don't spread rumors and don't let rumors spread within the team. When you don't have the answer to something, dont lie, just spread all of the information you know about the situation or problem and be honest about it all. You need to be an advocate for your team members and you need to stand up and understand whats going on during difficult times. It's important to support their career growth of the job by highlighting their accomplishments and rewarding the achievements they have reached to everyone in the group. Personal Responsibility is also important as an officer because they need to be able to do the things they need to get done and is responsible for the duties they are assigned such as responding to a 911 call.

Leadership in law enforcement is critical for officer safety in high risk and dangerous situations such as shootings, homicide, and abushes. You need to know how to respond to high-risk dangerous activities that go on these days. Leaders should direct through developing and often dangerous circumstances. You have to be well aware of your surroundings. Leaders set the pace and tone for department policy and ethical behavior and the training in which is built into a police officer or deputy. You should know your personality strengths and talents. Setting goals in which you are confident you can accomplish them and planning the situation carefully is critical. Breaking your plan up into different pieces and piecing it together can be helpful, Plan the steps of your goal and how you are going to achieve it. You also need to accept influence. Learning from your own mistakes or another person's mistake is good. Move on past your mistakes, Don’t give up just because of a mistake, move on past your mistakes, don’t give up just because of a mistake and learn improvement form other people and listen to what other people have to say because you can learn from it. It is really hard to deal with dangerous acts when you are under pressure. Leaders can inspire officers by highlighting their achievements, showing their strengths, providing opportunities for growth, and honoring their skills. If the officer shows them their skills then they can develop off of their skills to improve their skills. Officers have to stay on top of new laws and technology, all officers need to encourage learning and growth. Possessing the ability to digest information quickly and make decisions under pressure is really hard. It is important to have good communication skills and good interpersonal skills. It is really important for someone in Law Enforcement to be Able to remain calm in challenging or dangerous situations. The success of a police agency is dependent upon the effectiveness of its leaders. Law enforcement administrators must have and be able to show leadership skills that allow them to connect with the group within their police agency while remaining dedicated to their primary mission of serving the public. An effective leader should have an intelligent vision for the unit. The law Enforcement leader needs to understand where the group is and where it can be. A positive vision for the future of law enforcement will inform the direction of your workgroup and place it on a path toward sustained success for the entire Law Enforcement organization.         

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