“The Home and the World” by Rabindranath Tagore

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This book is categorized into two where we have love story and political awakening matters. In the early 20th century, the British power of India made some changes in the unbalanced and political self-motivated. In the effort of restoration of the region, the British called for Bengal which was divided based on the religious matters as per the Hinduism and the Muslims. Hence, apart from the political inflation and inspiration, most of the British leaders also were intricate in the economic panel which was used to upsurge the demand of the British transfers by taking in the market form the native India. As a result of some variations based on the people psychology were prevalent which was under the dissatisfaction of the native population personified with its movement. Hence due to this we have a setting of Tagore’s book which involves of 26 chapters each of it having a dissimilar point of view and under the essential characters. Most of the characters have different reaction based on the motive of Tagore’s reflect which lacks some of its social unity and political organization of the Bengal people of India.

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““The Home and the World” by Rabindranath Tagore”

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The story takes place under different opinions and this gives out an understanding of the assortment which is held about the future path of people of India. On establishing on this norms we would need to do some adjustment which will replace the previous suited current conditions as each of the characters in the book has different perspective which sorts out the value and norms which might be adopted in the near future. The main anxiety of most of the associates in the book gives out some unification duty which help to sanctuary the national interest of the pledge people who have different honoring of personal responsibility. Defending the India self-sufficiency against any of the British infringement requires in some natives who are hypothetical to take part in the political actions such as the demonstration and perhaps this stretches us some odd terms which favoritisms the domestic accountability as addressed by Nikhil (Mukherjee 70).

According to some of the views from the people it is clear that most of the conflicts dramatized in Bimala which is the basic character which favors the Swedish resistance and due to this there are some enforcement of undying obedience which as per to the traditional motive has some social norms in it. Nikhil characters are unique to most of the people as his reaction differs from the others based on his competent skills and actions. Most of his skills are enlightened based on the rejection that most of his close friend’s belief on him and this gives us some home which has different duties. On contrary to this, Nikhil desires bimala to have life outside of the home and he fears the outcome of it. For example in some of his quotes he says that “”freedom should be used based on the correct path of life.”” Due to this he introduces bimala who was the leader within the Swedish movement to hand over the powers which gives us some enthusiasm over the activities which were sponsored by the Swedish.

However it is clear that Nikhil has different belief based on his quotes which leaves most of the people in an adjusted state. For instance in his quote that says “”I could not forget those words which has some anticipation and ruin the people.”” In his character traits with Gandhi there is a series of transformation which bears in the innocent flag bearer of the Swadesh movement. Hence due to some of the changes Nikhil is seen having precisely close characteristics with Gandhi who on his outlook has different thoughts. He is also devoted to his wife and wants both of them to be equal based on his departmental ideas (Lukas 8). Most of his views gives us some insight which sends us to the mocking nature of Bimala. In most of his insights, Nikhil is moved by bimala as all of his decision takes in the courage of the freedom that has been offered to her. The first episode of his argument, men take part in the discussion which Nikhil feels that he must invite Sandip to be his quest though many were against him.

Nikhil plans succeed though under the inspiration of bimala who followed her passion based on the Swedish movement. Most of his affection are stirred by his intensity which gives us some demotion of what sandip and Nikhil plans based on the commitment of the peaceful resistance. In some of his fanatic view, there are elaboration that his appearance has some complete dedication of his ideas which seeks promotion in his characters based techniques. The passion that exhibits all of this information has superficially dealt with the capture of bimala interest and this ideas have close link with Gandhi views over the same matters. Hence, the feelings of affectionate between sandip and bimala grows even stronger and this forces Nikhil to focus on his center of operations. As a way of literary giving his side outcome from this it is clear the Nikhil ideas of the position are being judged outside his ideological false. Most of the characters sees this event in a multiple perspective which may comprehend their relative effects on the mind of the new characters. But on the psychological facts the universe gives us the probing diary monologues which slows down the Nikhil progress with his wife Bimala (Lukas 10). Most of the features has some dramatic actions which gives us some effusive and sound voice based on the moral view and integral part of the philosopher.

Nikhil vison and some of his argument are enlightened by the global perspective which is based on the quality and harmony of the nation and this gives us a sense of moral sensibility which might be fanatic. Most of his views are mutilated based on the million people who have the immoral power in their outcome. The passion that existed between the two has same similarities as their reaction and response are closely related. During his interest on the same matters we are centered that Nikhil feelings have some affection between the sandip and bimala who grow even stronger as per the different views announcement. Again, Bimala finds herself in a state which draw in the attention of Nikhil feelings and pressure. It is clearly that some of the interest of Gandhi terms and views have plans which are close to its activities. And basing on the inner part of the book some arrangement are done to repay the stolen money which was raised by Nikhil and his characters over the jewels. Most of his quotes are undutiful to Gandhi in the first steps as they give in some betrayal and romantic involvement which stands on his principles and give a positive outcome though some of the gestures customize his footsteps. Even if the means of interaction leaves Nikhil in suspense his gestures motivates him with her wife Bimala who takes precise action of love to his husband (Ghosh 131).

In concluding the characters traits if the two and how they have their deeper understanding of the book and the novel it is clear that most of their demonstration focus on the true colors. After most of the riots between the two over the Bengal views, Nikhil takes a move ahead and show his dedication to the Swedish movement which puts them in to a composed form of unity. Then by the mode of contrast and the universe some of the hearing news of the riot are being deployed and hidden far away and this is shown by the demonstration which gives out the welfare of the basic and priority people. The crazy outcome of their action leaves the people with hegemonic project which according to Nikhil actions has some opposed views by the Gandhi. Also in some of his adjustment it is clear that most of the women are occupied by the rhetoric of modernity and nationalist nature which focus on the individual authority. Lastly on the native nature of Nikhil, it is clear that most of the people remain calm, understanding and gentle due to the altruistic nature of sandip and tranquil nature Nikhil. It is therefore impossible to flirt the logic part of this system as it hardly has granted us the motive of the nature.

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