The History of Christmas Carols

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My paper is about The History Of Christmas Carols.To me when I think about Christmas carols I think of people going door to door singing in front of peoples houses just for fun.Sometimes it's different, what I mean by that is people may do other stuff or it may mean something else to them. it could be a tradition or something, but i doubt it because not many people do it where i'm from. I highly believe nobody has done christmas caroling in years. By years I mean 20 to 30 or more, That's just my personal opinion I could be wrong.

Thousands of years ago carols were first sung in Europe,Many people called them christmas carols,but they were actually pagan songs.These songs were performed at Winter Solstice Celebrations. Back then Carols meant dance or a song of praise and joy!. Till this day it probably has the same meaning. Anyway's During all four seasons: Summer,Winter,Spring,and Fall Carols we continuously written and sung. Till this Day the only tradition from thousands of years ago that survived and still is surviving is singing carols at christmas, which is very popular and always has been.

In the 1200's which was by the time of the middle ages, A lot of people lost interest in celebrating christmas all together. It mainly started in 1647, that's when everything stopped. Nobody was no longer interested in it,they lost their christmas spirit. But why? Before everybody lost their interest Early christians took over the pagan Solstice celebrations for christmas and gave people christian songs to sing instead of pagan ones. Some more evidence I gathered was Europe started to write christmas carols. However, not many people liked them as they were all written and sung in Latin, a language that normal people couldn't understand.

Christmas has been popular for many years and Carols have been to. As years passed by people slowly started disliking the Christmas Carols because early Christians took the carols and turned them into pagan songs, which was in a language nobody knew at all. All of this started to make people dislike Christmas Carols and even celebrate both christmas and the Carols which was the bad part. Also, at this time, many orchestras and choirs were being set up in the cities and England and people wanted Christmas songs to sing, so Carols once again became popular. Once Christmas Carols were back popular many new Carols were written. Everything was back to how it use to be, writing and singing Christmas Carols, and celebrating it all together.

There are different types of christmas Carols,what I mean by that is people celebrate it as different things such as: The history of carols, this is when you sit down with your family and they tell you a lot of things from way back in the day and tell them important stuff about christmas carols and how it came about. It's basically a nice family gathering telling interesting stories nobody probably knew, so when they grow up they can tell their kids and make it a tradition. The next one is Some Stories behind Carols this one is basically telling you different Carols such as: I Saw Three Ships, Good King Wenceslas, Silent night, and The 12 Days of Christmas. You may know some of these songs because they are very well known. Now the last one that is also celebrated as a different type of Christmas Carols is Christmas Karaoke, this is when you sing a song off of a screen with the words on it in front of a lot of people. It's kind of like a concert,but your singing all different types of Christmas Carols . This is all my research about The History Of Christmas Carols, i worked pretty hard even though it was a struggle,but I got to it and tried my best.

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