Christmas Magic that i Still Believe in

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The month of December with golden ornaments, red ribbons, bright lights are all little descriptions of the holiday we all know, Christmas. Friends, families, and children all look forward to this very day to exchange gifts and receive greeting cards from all around the world. When children go to bed on Christmas Eve, they hope to see their man with a red suit, big beard, and a bulging belly deliver their presents down the small narrow chimney and eat the cookies and milk left for him just before they wake up on Christmas morning. These children taught to listen to the bells on Santa’s deer’s and remain hopeful as Santa makes his way down to deliver presents to his children, including me.

I’m twenty and I still believe in Santa Claus. Another twenty-year-old might find me weird for believing in Santa at this age, but I believe in Santa without a doubt. I clearly understand the human form of Santa Claus is not real, and it is something our parents make us believe when we were little kids. However, there is an underlying concept behind Santa Claus and I believe that it is very important to believe in.

When I was thirteen and Christmas came along, my parents questioned me a week before Christmas whether if I still believed in Santa Claus and sadly to not embarrass myself, I blurted out “of course no, Santa Claus is not real. I’m a big girl now.” and I knew that I would not see wrapped up presents under the tree anymore. Even though I told my parents that I did not believe in such thing of Santa Claus, deep down in my heart, there was a small part of me that believed in him. On the morning of Christmas of that same year, I would wake up before everyone else and I was surprised to find presents waiting under the tree that I still believed Santa had brought for me. From that Christmas onwards, every year, I kept on seeing presents all wrapped up in colourful wrapping papers under the tall green Christmas tree and my parents never asked me if I believed in Santa ever again.

Over time, my parents explained to me that the whole idea of Santa Claus is simply a reason to be a good kid and give for no reason at all. Simply just give to others and accept their smile and gratitude for our kindness. The story of having Santa coming down the chimney and leaving gifts only if you are on the good kid list is just an excuse for parents to teach their kids to give and share with one another without expecting anything back.

Every year on Christmas morning and hopefully this Christmas as well, I see presents under the decorated tree, even though every year presents tends to slowly decrease in its amount than when I was ten, they are still there, and Santa still exists. When I believe in having Santa deliver gifts to those only on the good children list just reminds me to be good all year round just so that when Christmas comes around, you will be rewarded with Santa’s gifts.

The story of Santa Claus coming to town never gets old, nor does its magic ever dies out when little kids hear this story continuously for generations. In the busy malls during the holiday season just before Christmas hit, events such as taking pictures on Santa’s lap and writing letters to Santa are well popular among little kids. When I was a little girl, I would always take up on this opportunity to write to Santa what I want for Christmas and the things I wanted always showed up in decorated boxes under my Christmas tree every year.

I still see my little cousins wake up so early than any other day on Christmas morning just to race down from their rooms to the tree to joyfully open their presents from their Santa, their parents.

As of this day, I still believe in Santa bringing me presents and the years to come, even though the amount of presents just gets less, I believe in Santa and his magic he brings every Christmas!

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