Utopia in 1984 by George Orwell

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Utopia is the act of having an imagining community which is in possession of highly desirable qualities when it comes to its citizens. Whereby, this is a perfectly designed place with totally no any problems arising from or even within it. Such type of places emphasizes on the equality in governance, the economy and justice and these are usually achieved by the proposal and implementation of variously based ideologies. (Orwell)

But this seemed to be going all wrong and totally the opposite of what was expected among the citizens of Oceania, for the place turned to be full of suspicions, curiosity, discomfort, anger, malicious behavior and the worst of it all is the loss for true love. Frequent riots and misconducts would occur therefore turning civilized and humbled people into becoming barbarians and savages.

George Orwell deeply and extensively explains it all in his novel, 1984, describing how some of the citizens were being turned against their very own government plus its officials that is when they came to the realization of the corrupt ideas plus falsehoods that were being exercised by the Utopian government. This was being achieved by the government coming up with insane and unrealistic laws that mostly favored them since they were the ones in power, harsh and heavy punishments were formed and this was mostly targeted to force a sense of fear in the citizens of Ocean and the worst part is that their rights were ripped and taken away from them this way they could not complain or even sue the government's evil practices in the city. The citizens became powerless and less worthy in the eyes of the Utopian government. (CRAM )

The police of Ocean was very strict and keen to arrest anyone who has broken the rules or decided not to act as he or she expected to according to the rules that were forced on them. This type of system resulted in people feeling like both their privacy plus individualism have been brutally stolen from them by the very same police. Most of them felt as if they will become inhuman and totally erased away from the earth's surface, in case they commit something wrong. (CRAM )

According to George Orwell's novel, Oceania is divided into specifically three classes and these are; the inner party, the outer party and finally the proles. From the three classes, the inner party is the ruling class since it generally controls the Thought Police plus it maintains all the Outer Party members to be under the constant close supervision and this was mainly achieved through the advanced technologies such as the telescreen. While on the other hand, the proles were put to be living in a relatively depressing condition but the funny thing is that they were not being as monitored as the outer party members and all these were done in order to start up a revolution of better and highly qualified people both mentally and physically.

Dystopia is the place where people are not treated well and fairly, therefore making it be a place where it is full of fear and unhappiness. Dystopia is the total opspoite of Utopia as discussed earlier on. George Orwell warns us of how greed and high power can lead to turning off an individuals'humanity. (Cardona)

All due to power, people are able and willing to do everything that is necessary for their strength in order to achieve the controlling of other people's actions and thoughts. He clearly talks of the authoritarian regimes so that we can be totally aware of their existence and fight against such evil acts so that we can gain back our freedom. He continues by motivating us that we do not have to allow political regimes or people intervene in our own lives and that we can think and the reason for ourselves plus grow individually without their interference. And this can be achieved by having a voice in the society, whereby he is not encouraging for people to be part of the aggressive and oppression movements which are still being seen to be existing globally.

George Orwell further warns us that as the people of the modern era we should very much aware and alert of the injustices that a dictator intends to enforce on us. He enriches our mentality by mentioning that nobody belongs to anyone, and therefore we should not allow any person to tell us about what to do or not do especially if it is against our own will. (Cardona)

He extensively says that at some point the media may fool us, plus the government may be having an eye on every move made at all time, and if any person tries to complain of the unjust ways of the government a death threat may be thrown to the people. But still, he insists that we should not allow anybody control and manipulates our mind, as the book ends with Winston saying that he loves a big brother.

In conclusion, from George Orwell's point of view, it is evident that there are some individuals who are always ready to control and oppress others by taking away their freedom and rights. And this can be seen from individual politicians to the government as a whole, and therefore we should always be alert of what goes on in our country and be ready to fight against that which is intended to be against freedom and benefit of the people. I highly advise that every citizen should take George Orwell's advice, of equality and fairness, to be a challenge that it will be strictly followed and monitored both individually and a nation.

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